July Weird Band Poll: Vote for BB BlackDog, Ben & Amy, Fartbarf, O Bo de Vil, or Peculate

It’s that time of the month: Time for us to hand you the keys to this here hoopty of a blog and hope you don’t drive it off a cliff. Yep, it’s poll time! Y’all ready to vote your little asses off? Good. Cuz we got us a good one.

As usual, we’ve got five bands clamoring for your votes and attention, so read up on them below and pick your fave. I’ve already got mine, but I ain’t tellin’. Let’s just say they’re named after my second and third favorite bodily functions.

[Sorry, this poll has closed. Check back here Wednesday, when the winner will be revealed. And bookmark this page to partake of future polls. We do a new one every month(ish).]

Here’s more on this month’s bands:

BB BlackDog

BB BlackDog

These guys are from England and describe themselves a “steampunk/stoner/psychedelic rock” band. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have wah-wah pedals in Victorian England, but whatevs. It gives them an excuse to dress up like bad guys in those Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes movies and make zany videos. Also, they sometimes hang out with Professor Elemental. Here’s their website.

Ben & Amy


Our next contenders for Weird Band of the Week honors are from…England again? What is this, a tea and crumpets party? Actually, they have a song called “Tea,” so maybe it is. They’re a brother/sister duo from Surrey and one of the albums on their Bandcamp page is tagged “electronic english nonsense experimental rock,” which is actually pretty accurate.



I don’t even have to explain this one, do I? They wear freak masks and they’re called Fartbarf. Here they are performing in a strip club, and here’s their website. Oh, and they’re from right here in Los Angeles, California. SoCal represent!

O Bo de Vil

O Bo de Vil

O Bo de Vil is a Spanish dude named Vil Häuser who calls his stuff “polka-punk.” It kind of sounds a Spanish Wesley Willis sing-shouting over cheap keyboards and oom-pah beats…and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Here’s his Bandcamp and here’s his Facebook page.



Peculate is another solo project from Spain, but this one is 100% polka-free. Ben Norton, an American musician/artist/activist/anti-copyright crusader…yep, all his shit’s available free on his website, so dude puts his money where his mouth is. He calls his music…and pardon me while I do some stretching exercises before typing this…”Progressive experimental metal jazz electronic gospel ambient glitch mathcore contemporary classical post-rock 12-tone metalcore dubstep art rock punk avant-garde technical death metal.” Got all that? Here’s a new drinking game: Go listen to his album Pax Tecum on Bandcamp and every time it switches genres, do a shot. Did you pass out during the first track? Yeah, me too.

So there you have it. Vote early and often, and may the weirdest band win!

Oh and one other thing…voting closes Sunday, July 28th. Tick tock, bitches!


One thought on “July Weird Band Poll: Vote for BB BlackDog, Ben & Amy, Fartbarf, O Bo de Vil, or Peculate

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