Is there a Dwarr documentary in the works?


Yesterday, somebody named Raffy posted a link on our Dwarr page to the trailer for a “coming soonish” film called DWARR 2012 TOUR: a jankumentary. Could this be the first ever Dwarr documentary? And how the fuck did they film a tour that, last we heard, was totally canceled? Like most things involving reclusive stoner-rock legend Duane Warr, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a haze of bong smoke and reverb.

Here’s what we know: The company behind the “jankumentary” is called Bumbleton Communications. Raffy is listed on their website as Raffy Gerard, “Creative Artifex.” They seem to like making up words, these Bumbleton people.

The guy listed as Bumbleton CEO is Adam Ridley, the director of most or all their projects, which also include documentaries about another outsider musician named Dane Sturgeon and a pervy bar owner in Tucson called God. All of which bodes well for the coming Dwarr docu…sorry, jankumentary.

Anyway, here’s that trailer, which is a bit dark but seems to show Duane Warr rocking out before a rapt audience. Where the hell was this thing filmed? If we can squeeze more details out of Raffy and Bumbleton, we’ll share them here. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Is there a Dwarr documentary in the works?

  1. I appreciate you guys having such an interest in my music. Here are some videos from the ill fated tour. I was told up front, Oh Duane please, whatever you need, please do the shows. That lasted one night, Austin. When we showed up in Houston, I was told I couldn’t use the Fender amp anymore because it was old and I might blow it up. I drove from Houston to New Orleans by myself, man was I tired. They told me to be at the load in at 6:00 so I had the lady at the desk give me a wake up call. I got there and nobody else showed up for 2 hours. The only people there were the cook and the bartender. When they did arrive, I was told I had to shorten my set. I told them I only had 5 nights and really needed to play my whole set, I was trying to get a 2 disc live package with a CD and DVD. When I was told “This is Jennifer’s Tour and if she says you get 45 minutes, you get 45 minutes” that was it for me. Adios Amigos.

    “Screams of Terror Live”

    “Serenity Live” (One Sax Song)

    “Tears You Cry Live”

    There’s mere to come. Remember, I met these guys Friday late afternoon in Austin. We had a really rough first practice. We practiced again Saturday around lunchtime. We went on last Saturday night. It was really bad, but everybody loved it. The music was a lot tighter in Houston but my 2 guys were tired. I think they stayed up late in Austin. At the bottom of my set list they wrote “BEDTIME”. Pretty Hilarious. Once again, I appreciate you guys and everyone else who follows DWARR.


        You need to encourage Adam to do his take on the tour. He’s a very talented young man. We missed an opportunity last year for him to come to SC to do some interviews of the Old DWARR Stories when my wife and daughter were in South America for 5 weeks. Lord willing she’ll be going again next year. If we could plan it out, Adam could come stay with me for a week or so and shoot the interviews. I’ll forward this message to him. Thank you again for your interest in DWARR.

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