Wanna be in the Here Come the Mummies concert film?

Here Come the Mummies live
They’ll be less blurry when you see them in person

If you live within shambling distance of Nashville, Tennessee, we strongly advise you to pack up your Cowbelt and get your ass down to Music City U.S.A. to cheer on Here Come the Mummies as they mug for the cameras of their next concert documentary. We’d get our own asses there, but Jake can’t get off work in time to make the 28-hour drive. Also, I swore off trucker meth in the ’90s.

For those of you who can make the trek: It all goes down Friday, Oct. 4th at the historic War Memorial Auditorium. (Atoms for Peace is playing the night before, so maybe HCTM percussionist/hype man Java will bust out some Thom Yorke dance moves.) You can buy tickets to the show here. The Mummies promise something called “Rejuvannihilation” to all who attend—which sounds like the name of a death metal day spa, but it’s probably way cooler than that.

Lest you doubt the awesome power of a fully operational HCTM concert, here’s our review of their show at the West Hollywood House of Blues last year. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

We will leave you with the new lyric video for “Everything But” off the Mummies’ most recent album, Cryptic. And I know, most “lyric videos” suck—but trust me, you’ll actually want to watch this one. If you don’t, you’ll never know what a “fader-mum” is.


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