The Books release double LP of rarities: “Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities”

The Books

If you’re still mourning the passing of cult sound-collage duo The Books: Well, first of all, you really need to get over it. Get some therapy or something. But in the meantime, you can now cry yourself to sleep every night listening to Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, a double LP set of B-sides, soundtracks and other Books miscellanea previously only available on last year’s massive A Dot in Time box set. I know, you probably already have a shrine to that box set in your living room—but get Music for a French Elevator anyway. Maybe it will help give you some much-needed closure.

Music for a French Elevator is a vinyl-only release limited to 2,000 copies, and last we checked there are only 154 copies left. So as a late-night informercial that The Books might sample might say: Don’t delay, order your copy now!

In other Books news: Nick Zammuto continues to release a steady trickle of groovy tracks from the forthcoming second album of his post-Books project, Zammuto. And Paul de Jong continues to enjoy his new life as a Christian minister in New Zealand. Kidding! He’s actually been working on a solo show called Mild Stimulants. Here’s a sample.

Here’s a SoundCloud player featuring a few of Nick Zammuto’s favorite tracks from Music for a French Elevator, along with the collection’s full track list.

Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities track list:

1. Fralite
2. Egaberte
3. Liternite
4. It’s Musiiiiic!
5. The Joy of Nature
6. Meditation Outtakes
7. A Long Villainous Sequence
8. Millions of Millions
9. Of the Word God
10. Ghost Train Digest
11. You’ll Never Be Alone
12. ‘Ah…, I See’
13. Three Day Night
14. Classy Penguin
15. 8 Frame
16. Smack My Bishop
17. Biospheric Quiet
18. Happy Lawyers
19. Hericlitus
20. John’s Arp
21. Foreign Country and Western
22. Dustbowl
23. Biospheric Doubletime
24. Drowned But Survived
25. Pickup Dark
26. Hermetic
27. Circle of Fifths Loop
28. Past Comes Welling Up
29. Electro Lawyers
30. Mars, OK
31. Biospheric Dark
32. Flythrough
33. Running Down
34. 8 Tons of Oxygen
35. 10,000 Crows
36. John’s Epiphany
37. Lawyer Lullaby
38. Hokie Ranch
39. 2over3 Lawyers
40. Glass Glass
41. Biospheric Zither
42. Found Frozen Corndog
43. Cello Song Feat. Jose Gonzales
44. Epilogue
45. Pig


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