October Weird Band Poll: Vote for Drunken Forest, The Fuxedos, Kristin Witko, The Punk Group, or W.H.E.A.T.

Hey, remember when we used to do a poll every month and let you jokers pick a future Weird Band of the Week? That was fun, right? Why don’t we start doing it again? It’ll be like old times.

As usual, we’ve got five, count ’em, five bands to choose from—or if you want to get all technical, three bands plus two solo weirdos who don’t need no stinkin’ band. But they do need your votes, so read on and pick your fave. We’re ending this one at midnight (Pacific time) on Sunday, Oct. 13th, so don’t dawdle. Even though “dawdle” is a pretty awesome word.

[Sorry, this poll has closed. Check back here Wednesday, Oct. 16th, when the winner will be revealed. And bookmark this page to partake of future polls. We do a new one every month(ish).]

Here’s more on this month’s bands:

Drunken Forest


Drunken Forest is the work of a dude named Biaggio Vessio, a guitarist/bassist/everything-except-the-sax-man from Brazil who makes genre-hopping instrumental music with song titles like “Epiphunny” and “Knocking Down a Scarecrow Made to Measure.” You can check out his four-song EP on Bandcamp, and read more about him on his website.

The Fuxedos


Fuxedos ringleader Danny Shorago actually maintains two lineups of his circus-punk band, one here in L.A. and one up in San Francisco. I’ve never seen either version of the band, but I bet the L.A. lineup wears more stage makeup and the SF crew has more sex partners. Here’s their Facebook page, and here’s a short film Shorago directed called Mimsy, featuring the Fuxedos tune “The Jellybean Song.”

Kristin Witko


This Canadian solo chick’s music isn’t hit-you-over-the-head weird, but it’s definitely got a quirky, spacey, Kate-Bush-meets-Gary-Wilson vibe. Plus, the cover photo of her album Aquitaine is a selfie she snapped after face-planting off her bicycle, which gets her bonus weird points in our book. Here’s her Bandcamp page, and here’s a video she made for her song “Porcelain” featuring those creepy little kid beauty pageants and talent shows.

The Punk Group


For reasons that should be obvious from their promo photo alone, The Punk Group have been an opening act for DEVO. One guy is called The Model and the other is called Sex Object. They started out in Portland but are now split between Los Angeles and San Francisco, sorta like The Fuxedos. (Don’t you guys know you’re supposed to pick a side?) According to their Facebook page, “we’re the synth punk kings and we reign supreme!” Do they have the goods to back up such a claim? Watch this video and judge for yourself.



The name of our last band stands for We Hate Everything All the Time, which is probably how I’d feel if, like them, I was from Leawood, Kansas. They claim their music, which is all improvised in the studio, is “the worst, most unlistenable garbage you have ever heard.” Here’s the video for their tender love song, “Bite My Cock,” and here’s their YouTube channel, which features many more videos, also mostly about cocks.

So there you have it. Remember to cast your vote before midnight Sunday, Oct. 13th, and may the weirdest band win.


2 thoughts on “October Weird Band Poll: Vote for Drunken Forest, The Fuxedos, Kristin Witko, The Punk Group, or W.H.E.A.T.

  1. Peter McQueeny

    Here’s how terrible and deeply weirdifying W.H.E.A.T. is: we were the last band added to this poll. It was supposed to happen in August, but merely learning of W.H.E.A.T.’s horrible existence so profoundly rocked Andy and Jake that they were forced to take a protracted hiatus to re-examine their lives. Getting in touch with their roots was the only medicine that could heal their broken souls. W.H.E.A.T. is so weird, we broke weirdestbandintheworld.com.

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