The mysterious Hanetration returns with fourth EP: “Timelapse”


Back while we were still on hiatus, we got an email from the enigmatic U.K. producer known only as Hanetration, informing us s/he had just released a new EP called Timelapse. Quoth the Hanetraitor: “It’s less ‘produced’ than my previous stuff; sparse mechanical experiments.” Perhaps to signal that it’s a bit of a departure, this is the first Hanetration EP whose title isn’t an anagram of Tenth Oar, the name of his/her debut EP. That spooky, droning set was followed by the equally spooky Torn Heat and Nae Troth. Maybe s/he will follow up Timelapse with Smile Peat?

Anyway, you can hear all of Timelapse on Hanetration’s Bandcamp page. Where Tenth Oar sounded like a walk on the moors, Timelapse is definitely a trip through urban wastelands, with lots of ominous industrial clangs, buzzes, creaks and metal-on-metal squeals. Even “Opal,” with its Indian overtones, sounds less like a trip down the Ganges than a 3 a.m. cab ride through the slums of Mumbai. It’s evocative stuff.


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