And now, a short film from Barbara


We got a little present in our inbox yesterday, and for once it didn’t involve penis enlargement or Russian prostitution rings. Toronto weirdos and former Weird Band Poll winners Barbara have made a short film, and while it doesn’t technically involve any music, it’s too random not to share.

It’s a little story…sorry, a fuckin’ story…about a pair of dreamsters who escape from a sink and wind up exploring the “taupe catacombs” of a shopping mall. If you have no idea what any of that last sentence meant, don’t worry…neither do we.

Watch and be fuckin’ amazed.


About jakemanson

I'm the brains behind The Weirdest Band in the World. Andy's just the good looking one.

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  1. trapkitwhatever

    I’m in love with these dudes. I can’t get TUM out of my head…

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