Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer’s new LP “Can’t Stop, Shan’t Stop” arrives Nov. 5th


Jolly good news, ladies and gents: Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer has announced the arrival date for his latest chap-hop opus, Can’t Stop, Shan’t Stop. It shall arrive in all antique and modern formats (save, alas, for wax cylinder) on November 5th. You can pre-order it here for a mere £10, which I believe is equivalent to five guineas, four sovereigns, a half crown, two shillings and sixpence. At least I hope that’s right, because that’s all the change I could find in the cushions of my chaise longue.

Can’t Stop is the fourth Mr. B long player, following up last year’s redoubtable Tweed Album. You can sample a little solo piano rendition of one of the album’s most titillating ditties after the full tracklist below.

1. Shelltoes Or Brogues
2. Ladies Have Friends Who They Hate
3. (I’ve No Wish To) Keep It Real
4. Hip-Hop Was To Blame After All
5. Pop Song
6. Grammar Song
7. In A Club
8, Toast
9. Rude Britannia
10. It Doesn’t Pay To Turn Up Late To An Orgy
11. Reasons To Be Unsuccessful (Part One)
12. The Corinthians
13. The Neglect Of My Duties
14. Brushed Tweed In The Hour Of Chaos

Is Mr. B touring in support of his latest masterwork? You bet your brass buttons he is. Here are the dates.

1st: Whitby, Steampunk Central, Whitby Rifle Club
8th: Southampton, Orange Rooms
9th: Brighton, Concorde 2
16th: Leeds, Wet Spot @ The Wardrobe
18th: New York, I Am Dandy book launch
27th: New York, The Slipper Room
29th: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA, Gilded Festival

6th: Canterbury, Penny Theatre
7th: London, The Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball, Bloomsbury Ballroom
12th: Doncaster, Cast
13th: Brighton, The Haunt
20th: London, Lost Theatre, Wandsworth
21st: Portsmouth, Beats And Swing @ The Wedgewood Rooms


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