Laki Lan

Laki Lan

We thought we had already stumbled across the weirdest band in Poland when a reader turned us on to Dick4Dick. Boy were we ever wrong. Turns out that when it comes to weird bands, the Poles roll deep. A reader by the name of Paweł recently dropped his own Polish Weird List on us and we’re still digesting it like a two-foot kielbasa. We’re not even sure where to start at this point, but the “meadow funk” of Laki Lan is as good a place as any.

Laki Lan (or Łąki Łan, if you want to get all Polish about it) is a six-piece from Warsaw or thereabouts. Their name means “meadow field” and they all dress up in goofy costumes evoking various creatures native to said meadows and fields—bugs, mostly, but also the occasional rodent, elf or other adorable woodland fauna. They’ve been around for over a decade and released three albums, but don’t seem to be well-known outside Poland, or at least among us Yanks. About the only things written about them on the Web in English are a brief Wikipedia entry and a fanciful bio on that reads, in part:

Once upon a time, somewhere on the meadow near Warsaw, four insects got together and decided to form a music band. They wanted to play, but they didnt know how. After long months of practicing and rehearsing Butterfly, Grasshopper, Bumble-bee and Dragonfly started a psychedelic journey to the big city and thats how the world learned about fantastic live shows giving rare mixture of disco-punk-rock-funkin style of Łąki Łan (meadow field).

I wish we knew more, because there’s clearly some backstory to all the characters. But I don’t think Google translator is up to the task. Here’s how it renders the bio on the band’s website:

Once the leaf jełopianu met six amazing gourmet pollen and nectar …
Mon Kolny, Unruly Bonk hare Cokictokloc, Jesus, Marian, MegaMotyl and little elf named Paprodziad.
Paprodziadowi managed to dig out from his bundle bizarre bottle whose contents then offered all members of the Meadows canopy.
Suddenly, the wind ferocious dust rose into the air, it got dark as in the belly of the track, the birds were silent, flower petals pozwijały and terrible lightning pierced the skies were blue.
Fortunately, there has been nothing more than rain that soaked the wings and doublets.
So they returned to his true fungus, took out instruments and played ŁąkiFunka …

Actually, you know what? I take it back. That’s all I need to know about these guys.

In Poland, Laki Lan are most famous for their rousing live shows, which do indeed look like a funky good time. The band’s music is a highly danceable mish-mash of punk, funk, rock, house, disco and even drum ‘n’ bass. It occasionally gets a little weird, but mostly it’s just high-energy and fun, like this track called “Propaganda,” which based on the video I guess is about one of those girls with so much shit in her purse she gets sucked into an alternate universe just looking for her keys.

But Laki Lan doesn’t get any weirder than “Big Baton,” the clip our buddy Paweł sent us. They’re like the Red Hot Chili Peppers back when they had a sense of humor! And better outfits.

Oh and given what time of year it is, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this earlier, punkier Laki Lan video:



21 thoughts on “Laki Lan

  1. DorkaDor

    Och, i was wondering if any of the non-Polish readers knows how to spell Laki Lan. The idea behind the band’s name was that it should be in Polish, be somehow connected with grass/meadow, and when spelled sound like an English band name. So whenever you see a poster with Laki Lan’s concert make sure to read the name ‘Wonkie One’.

  2. DorkaDor

    I’ve known them from the very start, and they were always aiming at great music, independence and energetic concerts. They did everything by themselves and don’t let the big machine of commerce swallow them.

  3. Karolina

    Łąki Łan is the best band in the world! I absolutely adore them. They’re the best on stage, live!
    Few years ago(2006? (2007?) I went to see some concert (many artists playing that night). When I arrived, Łąki Łan was playing. I was hypnotized. It was the middle of winter, very cold, but the energy they gave us was incredible. Today I don’t even remember the concert I originally went to see. I only remember the great revelation of Łąki Łan. I’ve been their fan since that night.
    Some time later I went to their show with my friends. Like before, it was an outdoor festival. There was 4 hours delay, horrible weather, rain and mud everywhere. Only around 100 or 200 peaple stayed. When they finally hit the stage, in the middle of the night… Wow. There’s nothing like it. Everyone was dancing their ass off. I mean, like crazy. It was like a huge, weird party with live music. Fantastic. When guys from the stage said something about the rain, we all started shouting “fuck the rain! fuck the rain!”. They replied: “fuck the rain? You can’t fuck rain… Snow – maybe. But rain? Impossible.”

    It’s impossible not to love these guys after seeing them perform. Guaranteed.

  4. Ewa

    All the things you guys say it`s true, but you have shown only one type of their music, pretty specific and in Polish language, I recommend you to listen also to “Jammin”: (live act: – and that is really how all their concerts look like, a huge amount of Łąki FUN!!!), “Lovelock” , “Łan for me”: (live act: ) and “Infinite: , so many different kinds of music and these are not only silly jokes, all of ŁŁ members can actually sing and play, that`s totally proffesional! Finally, Armanda tour in a nutshell :

  5. akismet-7acd64b1ed676bb5bbbef85ac43d5023

    Łąki Łan – Propaganda translate by me (polish man) 😉
    What the meadow field can give you, what can give you?

    Not useful, everything is not useful!
    It can’t give you what field of meadow field can give you!

    Propagation(or publicity)! The Green Propagation!
    It can’t give you what meadow field can give you!

    And Big-Baton! (so much neologism!)

    What in grass squals,caress leafs, rustlingore form silence clean?
    On keybordin’ grasshop are snippi snip snip, quietly are snip snip, wildly are snip snip.
    Bitern on guitiar with tassel are toe bang, uchachacha bang, ichachacha bang
    Not small butterfly’s big foot are kick boom, on kick boom boom.

    Onto clump-bud, into soft terrain i’m chasing with slighty notes form first hand
    a-little-bit-shiting-bricks-rabbit are cuddling bass, girli mirli Eli, Ali, Uli.
    stewalk (steward and stalk ;)) will add to gladdness, mug will talky talky, superb form ass

    1. weirdestband

      Tragically, the “Lovelock” video cannot be viewed in the United States. Because they’re on the Polish division of an international label (EMI) and the big international labels frequently don’t make worldwide streaming agreements with YouTube. Makes perfect sense, right?

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