January Weird Band Poll: Vote for Amplifly Aerial Band, Dancing Deadlips, freesoulJAH, George Christian or Gyratory System

Happy New Year, weirdos! Didja miss me? Andy’s been running this joint for the past 10 days while I slept off my New Year’s Eve hangover in the ICU. But I’m back on solid foods and ready to rock.

Sorry we missed doing a poll in December, but we’re making up for lost time with an extra-weird set of bands this month. How you’re gonna pick just one is beyond me, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Either that or you’ll cheat and vote multiple times. Yeah, we know what kind of people frequent this site.

Voting ends Sunday, Jan. 19th at midnight and we’ll announce the winner on Jan. 22nd. Let’s do this!

[Sorry, this poll has closed. Check back here Wednesday, when the winner will be revealed. And bookmark this page to partake of future polls. We do a new one every month(ish).]

For more on this month’s bands, read on:

Amplifly Aerial Band

Amplifly Aerial Band

The website for this Utah-based band asks: “What do you get when you mix a Vegas quality aerial show with a light show, cyber punk, world class vocalists and a rockin’ band playing your favorite top 40 hits?” I know, that sounds like a bunch of random words strung together, but the Amplifly Aerial Band really is all of those things harnessed into a big flying ball of awesome. Even better: They do corporate events. Watch their promotional video and be amazed that no one thought of this sooner.

Dancing Deadlips


Dancing Deadlips is from our current favorite country, Poland, also home to Laki Lan and Donatan. It’s the work of a chick named Dee R.J., who murmurs menacingly in Polish over music that was probably recorded in some graveyard at 3 a.m. Here’s her Bandcamp page and here’s a video for the song “Flea Circus” starring a couple of fire dancers from the 1920s.



freesoulJAH may look like the dude playing Bob Marley songs at the farmer’s market, but don’t let his dreadlocked hippie exterior fool you. On the inside he’s a cross between Syd Barrett, Sixto Rodriguez and Todd Tamanend Clark. Here’s his website, where you can download all his acid-dipped psychedelic folk-rock for free, and here’s a track called “Psychedelic Baby Dub” that makes me even more scared of babies than I already was.

George Christian

george christian em lembrando smetak

George Christian is an experimental guitarist from Brazil who’s buddies with a previous Weird Band Poll winner, Biaggio Vessio aka Drunken Forest. He lists John Fahey, Anton Walter Smetak, Captain Beefheart and J.S. Bach among his influences, which reminds me: “Beefheart Bach” is the name of my new punk band. Here’s George’s website and here’s the Bandcamp page for his latest album, aos rios urbanos.

Gyratory System

Gyratory System

We don’t know much about these guys except that they’re from London, there seem to be two of them, and their label website says this: “Gyratory System presses buttons, plucks strings and blows into metal tubes, and sometimes wooden tubes.” Oh and they have song called “Twilight of Hasselhoff,” which reminds me: I just decided to change the name of my punk band to “Beefheart Hasselhoff.” Here’s their Bandcamp page and here’s a nifty animated video for the track “Harmonograph.”

So there you have it. Remember to cast your vote before midnight Sunday, Jan. 19th, and may the weirdest band win.


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