Someone answered our prayers and added English subtitles to Donatan’s “Nie lubimy robić”

Donatan "Rownonoc/Equinox"

Remember how last week we went apeshit over Polish hip-hop producer Donatan and his Równonoc project? You know, the one in which Polish rappers bust rhymes over traditional Slavic folk music? Well, that was before we knew the lyrics to any of the songs. Now a helpful gentleman by the name Słowiańskie Korzenie has added English subtitles to the craziest of the Równonoc videos, “Nie lubimy robić” (“We Don’t Like to Do Anything”) and we love Donatan and his cohorts even more. Check it out.

Obviously the granny asking Donatan if he gassed up the Ferrari is an instant classic of a line on par with Betty White declaring that her muffin hasn’t had a cherry on it since 1939. But I still think my favorite bit has to be where Borixon aka BRX raps, “Getting smashed is the shit. No work? Excellent!” No wait, it’s when he goes, “Here’s Donatan and the guys, lackadaisically scratching their heads.” Oh hell, I don’t know…it’s all brilliant. Drink it in, people!

We hardly ever do this, but help out our new Polish pal Słowiańskie and click this link to watch the subtitled video on YouTube, just to make sure your viewing pleasure gets counted as a hit. Let’s make sure Donatan knows he’s got fans in the English-speaking world. Also, let’s make sure that everyone starts calling this shit “Slavschool rap” because then TWBITW would finally get credit for coining a new genre name. Spazztronic never took off for some reason, but I have a good feeling about this one.


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