You gotta see this Winny Puhh performance from the Estonian Music Awards

Winny Puhh

A hearty tip of the gimp mask to reader Arno Tamm for alerting us to the existence of a brand-new video from Winny Puhh, the band that makes us wish we could crowd-surf all the way to Estonia. Apparently the Estonian Music Awards were last week—and in addition to taking home a well-deserved trophy (what do they call the awards handed out at the EMAs? I really hope it’s “Stoneys”) for Best Song, Winny Puhh also stole the show with yet another of their what-the-fuck-is-going-on live performances. Actually, this one isn’t strictly speaking “live,” although it was clearly recorded all in one take. See how long it takes you to figure out the non-live part.

In case you were wondering: Winny Puhh won the Best Song category for “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti,” the song they now famously performed at the Estonian Eurovision tryouts and later at a Paris fashion show. I’m not sure what else they were nominated for, but the fact that they lost Best Band to these guys did is a travesty of Macklemore-esque proportions.

In other Winny Puhh news: The band has just been confirmed as one of over 200 acts performing at Tallinn Music Week, which seems to be sort of a South by Southwest for Eastern Europe. They’ll be headlining the Rock Cafe on Saturday, March 29th. I don’t think we can crowd-surf there by then, but if anyone goes, please, take lots of photos.


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  1. I am now completely obsessed with this band. Thanks, jerks. I don’t even understand Estonian or whatever the hell language that is.

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