Babymetal are all grown up and releasing their first album


Question for all you young’ns out there: Do you guys even still buy albums anymore? Isn’t it all just YouTube and Spotify and the occasional one-off Katy Perry download? If that’s the case, then I guess the forthcoming debut album from “cute metal” future legends Babymetal is specifically aimed at the creepy-old-dudes-who-like-gothed-out-Japanese-schoolgirls demographic. To which I say: Thanks for thinking of us, Babymetal!

I just assumed that Babymetal had already released an album by now, since they’ve been around for at least a couple years and put out about half a dozen singles and a concert DVD. Turns out I was wrong. Their debut album, BABYMETAL (in all caps, cuz it’s gonna be LOUD AS FUCK), comes out later this month. So far it looks like it’ll be a Japan-only release, but hopefully us American creepy old dudes can score us a legit copy soon, too. [Update: A kindly reader just informed us that the album will be available to non-Japanese buyers via]

Ready for the staggeringly epic album trailer? No, you’re not. You just think you are.


One thought on “Babymetal are all grown up and releasing their first album

  1. solarsound

    the first album of BABYMETAL will be able to download at iTunes store and from outside japan you can order it on CDJapan.
    have fun!

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