Sunday Shout-Out: Aggronautix

[Most Sundays, we give a little hype to a fellow blog, website or other source for all things related to weird music and the people who love it. Check the tag “Sunday Shout-Out” for other recommendations.]


As anyone who’s ever been a baseball game knows, you’re not really immortalized in American pop culture until someone makes a bobblehead doll in your likeness. So God bless the people at Aggronautix for inventing the “Throbblehead,” which is basically a bobblehead doll for the punk-rock crowd. Now you too can glue a jockstrap-clad GG Allin to your dashboard and watch his head waggle every time you hit a pothole. It’s almost better than listening to “I Wanna Fuck Myself” on a $10,000 stereo system. Actually, wait, the jockstrap GG is sold out. You’ll have to settle for the fully clothed version. Sorry.

Throbbleheads are the brilliant idea of a dude by the name of Clint, whose day job is working at MVD, a company that specializes in reissuing old punk records and DVDs and underground films. A few years back he started using his punk and indie music connections to get the rights to the likenesses of various icons of the scene, including more than a few of our favorite weirdos. Since making a splash with the GG Allin Throbblehead, he’s gone on to release figurines based on everyone from Mojo Nixon to DEVO to Wendy O. Williams. Most are limited to runs of 2,000 dolls or less and sell out quickly.

Mojo Nixon ThrobbleheadAggronautix puts out other cool stuff, too. They were the folks behind that GG Allin prison diaries coffee table book we made fun of told you about awhile back, and they’ve also put out everything from picture discs to skateboards to homoerotic comic books starring Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. If you’re into punk rock collectibles, they’re basically K-Tel, Target and the Hummel Figurines catalog all rolled into one.

We’ll keep you posted about future Throbblehead releases. Who knows, maybe Clint will find inspiration for his next loose-necked doll right here in the virtual pages of this here blog.


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