Weird of the Day: Meneo, “Larele”


Yes, it’s another bold leap forward in blog innovation here at TWBITW. After doing our #WTFoftheDay and later #WeirdoftheDay posts on Facebook and Twitter for nearly two years, we finally decided to cut the social media cord and move that shit over to this here lil’ ol’ WordPress site. Finally, we can just call it “Weird of the Day” without that stupid fucking hashtag! (I mean, we could’ve done that all along, but when you’re limited to 140 characters, you conserve space any way you can.)

We couldn’t make just any song and/or video our first Weird of the Day blog post, so thank pixelated 8-bit Jesus that a reader named Angus came to our rescue. Angus introduced us to a gentleman from Barcelona named Meneo who makes what he calls “electrotropical” and his label calls “Gameboy reggaeton” and we call “music that makes us twerk uncontrollably while sangria spurts out our noses.” And no, we haven’t even been drinking sangria.

For more Meneo, hit up his SoundCloud page.


2 thoughts on “Weird of the Day: Meneo, “Larele”

  1. nikmaack

    I do not use this word casually: GENIUS. Absolute goddamn GENIUS. Albert Einstein is a cretin compared to this video.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that physics just got it’s ass handed to it by a trippy YouTube video.

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