Sunday Shout-Out: Yeah I Know It Sucks


Our latest Sunday Shout-Out is a little biased. OK, more than a little. We had already stumbled across the “absurdist review blog” Yeah I Know It Sucks and enjoyed their irreverent humor and penchant for unearthing obscure treasures like Mark Templeton’s ambient/chopped-n-chilled remixes of cheesy ’80s ballads. Then they actually took the time to interview Jake and me for a feature about Weirdest Band in the World and made us feel all special. So we’re returning the favor.

Discerning taste in fellow blogs aside, YIKIS really is a fantastic source for music that escapes the attention of pretty much the entire rest of the blogosphere. It’s not all weird, but most of it is well worth checking out: Mark McGuire’s abstract guitar reveries; Logosamphia’s chiptune/breakcore freakery; the tape-hiss and field recording experiments of To-Bo. That it’s all served up with the sort of goofy, friendly, free-association humor you usually only hear from your friends after their third bong rip is just the icing on the Suckitude cake. Here, for example, is a line from their review of a release called “Piece of Shit,” from an artist called MARK (they’re currently in the midst of an all-artists-named-Mark binge…you know, just cuz): “I have no idea what MARK eats, if he has a special diet or uses special ingredients because his ‘piece of shit’ is the most chilled out funkiest space jam that ever came out of an anus!” I guarantee you that is the single greatest sentence anyone has ever written on the subject of MARK and his “Piece of Shit.”

YIKIS is the work of a whole team of music obsessives, including one Kai Nobuko, the man behind our current Weird Band of the Week, Toxic Chicken. He’s also the guy who did that interview with me and Jake that I mentioned earlier. Have you read it yet? No? You should, it’s really rather quite good. Here’s the link again. Go read it and every burning question you’ve ever had about TWBITW shall be answered.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Shout-Out: Yeah I Know It Sucks

  1. kainobuko

    Normally being biased sucks, but in this case at least we know it. Thank you so much for the shout out! I might arrange a gospel choir to do one back in the near future! ❤

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