We just drank wine with DEVO

Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Photo by Chelsea Lauren

I’m still geeking out over this one. On Wednesday, Gerald Casale of DEVO had a tasting party here in Los Angeles for the first two releases from his new winery, The 50 By 50. I got to go cover the event for my day gig at LA Weekly. You can read my write-up here, and you can look forward to a full transcript of my 20-minute interview with Jerry sometime this weekend, although be warned: It’s mostly just a couple of cork dorks shooting the shit about microclimates and Super Tuscans. Although I did manage to squeeze in a few DEVO-related questions at the end.

I also got to chat with Mark Mothersbaugh, although no transcript of that conversation is forthcoming because I’d already drunk a lot of wine by then. I will tell you this, though: When I complimented him on his glasses, he replied, “September!” At first I thought that was the name of the company that makes them, but no, that’s when they’ll be made available to the general public. They’re Mothersbaugh’s own design. “It’s actually really easy to get your own frames manufactured,” he said (and I’m paraphrasing here because, again, I was slightly tipsy and forgot to turn on my recorder). “You just have to agree to let the manufacturer keep all the money.”

So anyway, yeah, more on this little career highlight soon.


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