May Weird Band Poll: Vote for Anda Volley, Ceiling Demons, Free Chow, Hum Crum or Worsa

How is it May already? This was supposed to be our April Weird Band Poll. Oh, well. Fortunately the voting buttons work the same no matter what month it is.

You probably already know the drill, but for those of you that don’t: The winner of this poll will be named Weird Band of the Week and earn a coveted spot on our ever-growing Weird List. The poll will close Sunday, May 11th at midnight Pacific time, and we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, May 14th, because we count slow.

Are you ready for the fate of these five bands to be placed in your grubby little hands? Then commence to clicking:

[Sorry, this poll has closed. Check back here Wednesday, when the winner will be revealed. And bookmark this page to partake of future polls. We do a new one every month(ish).]

For more on this month’s bands, read on:

Anda Volley

Anda Volley

Anda Volley is a singer-songwriter from Boston whose music has been compared to Mazzy Star, probably because most music critics are really lazy and like to compare female artists to other female artists without thinking too hard about what their music actually sounds like. To us, her music sounds like when you’re a little kid in the backseat driving to some relative’s house the day after Christmas and you’re looking up out the window and because you’re a little kid all you see are the bare-branched treetops and you know your relative’s house is going to smell like mildew and Band-Aids and you’d really rather be home playing all those new videogames Santa brought you. Yeah, it sounds something like that. Here’s her Bandcamp page and here’s a really creepy video for the song “Laura Inside the Ghost Machine.”

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons, as everyone knows, are the scariest kind of demons, because you hardly ever look up at the ceiling and then you just happen to look up one time and holy fucking shit, what the fuck is that?? See? Scary? They’re also a British hip-hop group from Yorkshire who drop some heavy-ass rhymes over spooky-ass beats. (In hip-hop, you can add “ass” to anything to make it sound more hip-hop.) Here’s their Bandcamp page and here’s a video for the song “Someone Great,” which I’m pretty sure has a piano-ass sample from a Bonnie Raitt-ass track.

Free Chow

Free Chow

Free Chow is the work of one Roo Bhasin, who also hails from England but otherwise bears pretty much zero resemblance to Ceiling Demons. His album, the fantastically titled Asleep With My Hand in Your Mouth, is full of lo-fi, squiggly electronica with lyrics as silly as song titles like “This Is My Scrotum” and “Don’t Touch Kids” suggest. He’s good fun, that Roo. Here’s his Bandcamp page and here’s his SoundCloud.

Hum Crum

Hum Crum

When we asked Hum Crum for a band photo, that’s what they sent us—an uncompressed, 3MB version of that. That probably tell you all you need to know about them, but we can also tell you that all of their songs are noisy and short. Oh and they’re from Vermont, which kind of makes this month’s poll a battle of New England vs. Merry Olde England. Here’s their Bandcamp page and here’s a video for their song “Action Now,” which makes me really crave some melty cheese, although that’s probably just because I haven’t had dinner yet.



We had to include at least one band from a non-English-speaking part of the world, because it’s not like we’re racist or anything. So let’s throw Worsa into the mix. They’re a trio from Brazil and their bio describes their music as “experimentalism without intricacy,” although their stuff sounds pretty intricate to us, especially the parts that throw in an opera soprano because, you know, if there’s one thing that’s not intricate, it’s opera. Influences include Koenjihyakkei, Fantomas and Hella, so you know you’re gonna be in for a wild ride. Here’s their Bandcamp page—it’s so nice that all of this month’s poll bands have a Bandcamp, do you think? Levels the playing field and all. Oh and here’s their official website.

So there you have it. Remember to cast your vote before midnight Sunday, May 11th, and may the weirdest band win.


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