Weird of the Day: Big Pig, “Hungry Town”

Big Pig

We just got another one of those long “why haven’t you written about these bands yet?” lists from a reader named Sherlock (and we love those lists, by the way—keep ’em coming! they are the lifeblood of this site). Among the many great weird finds Sherlock (yes, his real name) sleuthed out for us was a short-lived ’80s band from Australia called Big Pig, who were sort of a New Wave-era cross between Stomp, Adam Ant circa “Goody Two Shoes” and an Australian’s impersonation of a American-style hoedown, complete with stylized overalls and a harmonica player. Apparently the track in the video below, released in 1986, was a pretty big hit Down Under, but sadly the group disbanded after just two albums and never built much of a following outside Oz. Which is too bad, because in addition to being weird and highly original, a lot of their stuff is catchy as hell.

Thanks for the tip, Sherlock! We will probably be posting more of your suggestions soon, along with terrible detective puns because we can’t help ourselves.

Amazingly, both of Big Pig’s albums are available on, although our American readers will have to pay import prices for one, Bonk, and collector’s item resell prices for the other, You Lucky People. If you want to own a copy of “Hungry Town”—and why wouldn’t you?—the one to go for is Bonk.


2 thoughts on “Weird of the Day: Big Pig, “Hungry Town”

  1. Hi I’m lucky enough to have the vinyl record of big pig bonk.
    Which I purchased it as a kid back in the eighties .back then I was a loner no one
    Else I knew liked it.
    I loved / love it .dam shame radio stations don’t play there songs and yes why not karaoke as well ,how cool would that be.
    Matthew .

  2. traicetrak

    I’ve been wanting to get more acquainted with this band for (*cough*) decades. Ever since hearing their track “Breakaway” was prominently featured in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Now if I could just find that track in karaoke. 😛

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