Weird of the Day: Fadades, “la colère de Ramsès”


Our new favorite weird artiste from France (and if you read this blog on the regular, you know there’s some stiff competition) is a one-man black metal act called Fadades. Fadades seems to exist in some crazy-town sweet spot midway between the conspiracy-theorist bedroom metal of Skull and Bones and the lo-fi black metal piss-take of Impaled Northern Moonforest.  It’s a place with no drums but plenty of Edward Scissorhands costume accessories. And green screens. Lots of green screens.

Speculation runs rampant over whether this guy is serious or just punking the black metal community. Since his only official online presence is a YouTube channel and a MySpace page in French (which we’re pretty sure is indecipherable even to French people), it’s hard to say. But in the end, who cares? No matter what his intentions are, the results are amazing.

Many thanks to reader Lou for introducing us to this guy, after a day when we could use a good laugh.


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