Weird of the Day: Mister D. x Anja Rubik, “Chleb”

Dorota Masłowska

Mister D. is the musical alter ego of Polish author Dorota Masłowska, who at the age of 31 already has several immensely successful novels and plays to her credit, including the international bestseller Snow White and Russian Red. We’re inclined to hate her for this—since we’re old, bitter and far less successful—but she seems to tackle everything she does with such fearlessness and self-deprecating humor that it’s impossible to stay mad at her.

Case in point: The below video for “Chleb” off Mister D.’s debut album, Społeczeństwo jest niemiłe (Society Is Mean). How can you not love the cute yet awkward girl with the scrawny love interest who constructs a fantasy world in which Scrawny Boy is a macho bodybuilder with a pet tiger and she herself is Polish supermodel Anja Rubik (played in the video by the actual Anja Rubik)? Stay with it, it gets crazier as it goes on.

Thanks to reader ghyarlae for recommending this one. When it comes to eye-popping music videos, Poland just keeps on killing it. (See also: Donatan.)


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