Weird of the Day: Sahy Uhns, “Fever. Chills and Sweats.”

Sahy Uhns

L.A.-based producer Carl Madison Burgin makes glitchy, experimental electronica under the name Sahy Uhns, which is pronounced something like “Science,” preferably (I hope) in the manner of that guy from the Thomas Dolby song. This track, from his 2011 album An Intolerant Disdain of Underlings, perfectly captures that feeling when you wake up on Sunday morning with last night’s music still ringing in your ears and you realize you’re still kinda drunk from one too many vodka/Red Bulls. Either that or you ate a bacon-wrapped hot dog outside the club that really didn’t agree with you. You can’t remember. All you know is that at the 2:42 mark of this song, you’re making a beeline for the porcelain goddess.

[Update: Sadly, Burgin seems to have removed this track from his SoundCloud page. But he’s got lots of other cool stuff on there, so have a look around and find something you like.]

You can download this track and the rest of An Intolerant Disdain from Bandcamp or Amazon.


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