Weird of the Day: ZU, “Carbon”


ZU is an Italian jazz/metal band on Mike Patton’s Ipecac label who make music that sounds like a cross between Morphine, Naked City and one of those extreme metal bands that uses crazy time signatures like Meshuggah. Using only sax, bass, drums and electronics, their sound is so heavy they can probably wipe the stage with most guitar-based heavy bands.

The video below was passed along to us by reader DFox; it’s a track from their most recent album, Carboniferous. Mike Patton appears in the video, which is from a live performance in Chile, but I’m not sure if he’s actually anywhere on the track, which seems to be the studio version. (To definitely hear Patton with ZU, check out “Soulympics.”) But with Patton or without, “Carbon” is a pretty gobsmacking track.

To hear more or pick up a copy of Carboniferous, go to


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