Weird of the Day: Jack Topht, “Why Live When You Can Die”

Jack Topht

When I did a post a couple weeks back about Well Worn Boot’s Wild Wild Fest, there was one act on the lineup I couldn’t get out of my head: Jack Topht, a bearded Buffalo rapper who reminds me of every functioning alcoholic I went to high school with in Upstate. Jack simultaneously makes me want to go back to Buffalo and stay as far the fuck away from there as I can. He’s awesome and I bet hanging out with him would turn me into a non-functioning alcoholic in a hurry.

Most of Jack Topht’s songs are about things like beer, pizza and hospital waiting rooms, but this track, which is my favorite, is a little more epic. It’s called “Why Live When You Can Die” and it’s basically his “Hey Ya!”, “Sabotage” and “99 Problems” all rolled into less than two minutes.

For more Jack Topht, check out his Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.


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