OK, now Donatan and Cleo might be going a little overboard with the whole pro-Slavic hip-hop thing

Donatan and Cleo

We still can’t get enough of Polish hip-hop producer Donatan‘s Równonoc: Słowiańska dusza project, which celebrates Polish history and culture by lining up seemingly every rapper in his country and having them bust rhymes over Slavic folk music. But we’re less enamored of his more contemporary collaborations with rapper/singer Cleo, who we’re going to keep describing as Poland’s answer to Fergie until she proves us wrong. But we’re going to share their latest track “Slavica” with you anyway, because even when Donatan is cranking out cheesy, mainstream hip-hop, he’s still pretty weird.

“Slavica” is basically a sequel to Donatan and Cleo’s smash hit “My Słowianie,” except it’s sung in English and the video features more twerking. Like, way, way more twerking. Like, Miley Cyrus would watch this and go, “Woah, tone it down, guys” levels of twerking. It also continues Donatan’s up-with-Slavs theme, which was fun for a while but we think might be wearing a bit thin at this point. Or are we being too harsh?

Ultimately, though, who gives a shit what we think, because in the two weeks since the video for “Slavica” hit YouTube, it’s already racked up over 6 million views. So clearly Donatan’s hot-chicks-with-chickens formula is working. You might even say it’s reliable like a Kalashnikov.


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  1. Lol “hot chicks with chickens”.

    I look at this video as just another version of My Słowianie.

    The twerking irritated me at first, but they are really are good at it!

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