Weird of the Day: The Koreatown Oddity, “Presidents Rap”

Koreatown Oddity

OK, weirdos, we’re about to get all educational up in this bitch, courtesy of L.A. rapper The Koreatown Oddity. The Oddity is the creation of a dude named Dominique Purdy, who raps beneath a disturbingly detailed wolf mask and makes videos that mainly feature him wandering the streets of L.A. and freaking out the locals. He’s got a new album out tomorrow called 200 Tree Rings, but this is an older track from the Eat a Dead Goat mixtape, which we love because it’s both funny as hell and will help you win at pub trivia. Remember, kids: Technically, Barack Obama is only the 43rd president, because Grover Cleveland always gets counted twice, which is kind of bullshit when you think about it.

You can pre-order 200 Tree Rings via Amazon and check out more Koreatown Oddity joints via his Bandcamp.


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