Weird of the Day: Ceiling Demons, “Amputated Spirit”

Ceiling Demons

Hey, Brits: You know that cello player who busks in the pedestrian underpass near your work every day? The one you tossed like 50p to the first time you saw him and haven’t given him shit since? What if one day you went down there, and he was wearing a death mask and accompanying three rappers in black hoodies? You’d give him all your fuckin’ money then, wouldn’t you?

But don’t worry, Ceiling Demons aren’t as scary as they look. They’re actually quite nice, introspective lads, as this video for their new track “Amputated Spirit” shows. The masks are just so the other rappers won’t fuck with them on account of them being so nice and all.

“Amputated Spirit” will be released as a single this Friday, June 13th. To celebrate, Ceiling Demons will make their album Dual Sides available as a free download via Bandcamp for a limited time. See? I told you they were nice.


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