Weird of the Day: Sturle Dagsland, “Wardenclyffe Aquarium”

Sturle Dagsland

It’s not every day someone puts a band on our radar that truly sounds like nothing we’ve ever heard before, but Norway’s Sturle Dagsland is one of those bands. Made up of brothers Sturle and Sjur Dagsland, their music is both primal and ethereal, thanks mainly to the crazy vocalizations of Sturle, who seems to be part elf.

They don’t seem to have released much music yet, but you can hear a bit more via YouTube and SoundCloud. Our thanks to reader Esa for introducing us to them. Definitely a great way to cap off another epic week here at Weird Band HQ.


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  1. That’s nothing, have you seen them live? I just caught them at Airwaves… everyone in the audience was stuck with either a “What the hell is this?” expression or a “Oh my god I don’t know what I’m watching but it’s incredible and I can hardly even close my mouth” expression 🙂

    I’m uploading a video to Youtube right now

  2. It’s like a musique concrete mixture of Bjork and Ruby Throat.

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