Weird of the Day: The Shamen, “Ebeneezer Goode”

The Shamen

It’s Flashback Friday here at Weird Band HQ. We’re taking the Wayback Machine to 1992, when rave music dominated the British pop charts and random groups like The Shamen could have a chart-topping hit with a silly dance song about taking drugs. Our British readers no doubt remember “Ebeneezer Goode,” a song that generated much controversy and was even banned briefly by the BBC because the chorus sounded like frontman Mr. C was chanting, “E’s are good”—”E” being British slang for the drug Ecstasy. But what probably seemed like just another dance choon at the time sounds pretty out there today, especially when accompanied by a frenetic black-and-white video starring a dude in a Victorian attire with a thing for setting shoes on fire.

We were reminded of the existence of “Ebeneezer Goode” this week because Mr. C announced that he’s auctioning off an important piece of Brit-rave memorabilia for charity: the harness and codpiece he wore when The Shamen performed “Ebeneezer” on Top of the Pops. He’ll even throw in the negative articles about the band with which he stuffed said codpiece. Now that’s a collector’s item.


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