Weird of the Day: Avey Tare, “Laughing Hieroglyphic”

Avey Tare

Maybe it’s because they’re one of those bands hipsters lose their minds over, but we’ve never been able to get into Animal Collective. They’re fine; we’ve just never thought their stuff was as good or as weird as their reputation might suggest. But in 2010, Animal Collective member Avey Tare released a solo album called Down There that is everything we’ve always hoped Animal Collective would do more of. It’s murky but melodic, soulful but alien and distorted, filled with what could probably be called pop songs if they weren’t performed on instruments that seemingly never before existed. Even if you, like us, have never gotten on the Animal Collective bandwagon, it’s worth checking out. Here’s the opening track.

You can hear more of Down There and/or buy it on Spotify or Amazon.


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