Weird of the Day: “The Renewed Mind Is the Key”

The Way International - The Renewed Mind Is the Key

Some of my best friends are Christians. Some of my best friends are also heathens and Satanists, so cocktail party conversation at my place can get pretty interesting. But to my Christian friends, I just want to say: When I proceed to make fun of the video I’m about to show you, I’m not making fun of all Christians. Just the ones with bad pitch and dorky breakdance moves.

This video is from a New Agey Christian ministry based in Ohio called The Way International. On YouTube, it’s marked copyright 2007, so I really hope it was actually made in 2007, because that would make it even more awesome. As it is, it seems like the kind of thing that was probably done in the early ’90s when white people from Ohio were just discovering synthesizers and breakdancing, but who knows? Maybe the folks at The Way International took a bit longer to catch on to such innovations.

Actually, you know what? I’m not even gonna make fun of this video. I’m just going to show it to you, because it’s the kind of thing that speaks for itself. And speaks for itself with a really dramatic echo effect.


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  1. the nenewed mind is the key to the pwer that we need.
    the world is going to see that it is christ in me .
    the ewnewed mind is te key to the power that we need.
    its the only way to e strong in victory.

    god has clothed us with his righousnes and power .
    and we live for him and our day our time and hour.
    and we can stand upon the greatness of his word.
    and we wil claim the truth, we are going to make it heard.
    we got all the potientials powers got to level gear
    now we stand upon OUR LEGAL RIGHTS and boldly make them live !
    the newnewed mind is the key to the power that we need.
    the worlds going to be thats the christ in me.
    te newnewed mind is the key to the power that we need.
    its the only way to e strong in victory.

    we can claim the rights that god gave you and me.
    we can live above all principality
    as we move with god him power lies within his power lies within.
    giving us the strength to conqueor and to win.

  2. This video has already made its rounds through the Christian community. So, believe me, we’re making fun of it, too.

  3. this absolutely cracks me up, thanks for that 😀

  4. The renewed mind? What does that even mean?

    • Beats the fuck out of me, man. I was too busy imagining that hunky Christian dude dry-humping his bible and screaming “Christ in me!!!!”

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