Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath

Every once in awhile, a new weird band comes along with a concept that is so completely fucking brilliant, you can’t believe no one else thought of it sooner. That was the reaction we first had when a friend of ours here in L.A. invited us to see a McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath cover band called…wait for it…Mac Sabbath! Genius, right?

It was so genius that we were sure they must suck…no idea could be that clever and well-executed. Turns out we needn’t have worried. You’re in good, puffy clown hands with Mac Sabbath…those hands belonging to one Mike Odd, the same twisted visionary behind another of our favorite weird local bands, Rosemary’s Billygoat. (Officially, Mike Odd is just Mac Sabbath’s manager. But let’s just say that must be Mike’s brother under the “Ronald Osbourne” makeup, because the resemblance is uncanny.)

We were apparently fortunate enough, by pure dumb luck, to attend Mac Sabbath’s first-ever live performance (blurry photographic evidence below) back in July and it was fucking amazing. Hamburglar came out first, tossing hamburgers at the audience as he took his place behind the drum kit. Then came the guitar player, Mayor Slayer McCheese, horns protruding from his cheeseburger mouth like he just ate a whole steer. Then came Grimace, and of COURSE Grimace plays the fucking bass. Most bass players have a little Grimace in them. If you painted my high school garage band’s bass player purple, he’d basically be Grimace with slightly more hair.

Ronald Mc…sorry, Osbourne, came out sporting red and yellow fringed sleeves and took up position behind a mic stand shaped like a giant milkshake straw. The band launched into “Sweet Beef” and the rewritten Sabbath songs just got more ridiculous from there: “Frying Pan” instead of “Iron Man,” “Pair-a-buns” instead of “Paranoid,” you get the idea. I’m pretty sure “Rat Salad” is still just “Rat Salad,” though.

The highlight came when Ronald reached into his takeout bag, pulled out a hamburger with bat wings, and took a massive bite out of it. Or maybe the highlight was when he started using a giant straw to sneak slurps of audience members’ drinks. Or maybe the highlight was just watching Grimace play the bass. Seriously, I could not get over that part.

I’ll leave you with a live video of the band performing “Frying Pan,” complete with subtitles so you can appreciate the full hilarity of what Mike Odd and company have aptly dubbed “Drive Thru Metal.” Supersize me, Mac Sabbath!

Oh and here’s our bragging-rights photo of their very first performance:

Mac Sabbath at Bergamot Station



15 thoughts on “Mac Sabbath


    Bit late to the party, but my god this is amazing! First band I’ve looked at on this sight and it’s combined one of my favourite things (Sabbath) with one of my least (Mc Shits). I love it and hate it all at the same time. Now I’m left both confused and amused and I think I need to lay down…

  2. I think it’s pretty obvious why no one’s done it before – the costumes are overcomplex and there is the risk of being sued by McDonalds. Yes, I’m well aware of GWAR, Lordi etc, but most low level bands don’t have the money or artistic connections to come up with such costumes and sets… add to that you have the transport costs of a small circus and the potential to go full Spinal Tap.

  3. …..Ronald is Mamager Mike Odd (not his real name either) Been aware of this band for a while & got my chance to see them here in Sacramento last night at the Boardwalk in Orangevale. Audience was into it (thought it was far from sell-out) I enjoyed it….would I see these guys again & again ? – No, musically, they’re not very good but then so are a lotta bands these days (just go a Vans Warped Tour & see what I mean) & how many AI,The Voice & Disney production – formula acts can one stomach anyway ? So Mac Sabbath is all about the gimmick & it works !!! I have a solf place in my heart (& my head apparently) for this kinda trash rock (Zappa, Flo & Eddie,Bus Boys,Buck Naked, D-K’s, WTD’s, Radioactive Chicken Heads, ect) So the Mac’s fit right in & they are funny. Just don’t go expecting them to be Dream Theater, because they’re not & never will be….

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  5. Tango

    Whats more, even the lyrics are well thought out, for what they are. Would be amazing if this really is Biafra, we simply must know!

    1. weirdestband

      We’ve requested an interview with Ronald Osbourne but been turned down. He says his lawyers advise against it. So his identity remains a mystery for now. Though we have a pretty good idea who it is and it’s not Biafra.

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