Winny Puhh are back and just as batshit as ever

Winny Puhh

Thank god for you folks out there in Readerland. If it wasn’t for you, we’d never get caught up on all the weird music we missed during our last hiatus. Topping the list of shit we slept on: a new album from Estonian spazz-punks Winny Puhh, who released their latest album Kes küsib? (Who Asks?) on Sept. 28. Big ups to reader Jimmy Miller for dropping that knowledge bomb into the spider hole we’ve been hiding in these past few months.

We’ve only been able to find two tracks from Kes küsib? online, but they’re pretty insane even by Winny Puhh’s unhinged, hanging-from-the-ceiling standards. Let’s give them a listen, shall we?

That was pretty great, but this next track ups the ante with some throat singing while also managing to be kinda catchy.

Apparently, Kes küsib? was the number one album in Estonia at one point. Which officially makes Estonia the coolest country on the planet. Sorry, Japan. You had a good run.

There doesn’t seem to be any way for us Americans to legally purchase Kes küsib?, unless you trust your Google translator and/or limited grasp of Estonian to guide you through this site, which appears to be selling legit copies of it for 13 Euros. [Update: One observant reader pointed out to us that the site has an English translation button. So Estonian fluency not required after all.] It’s also on a shit-ton of Russian torrent sites, but we’re not gonna link to those ’cause they’re shady. If you really want a Russian black market MP3 copy of Kes küsib?, we’re sure you have what it takes to figure it out.


3 thoughts on “Winny Puhh are back and just as batshit as ever

  1. Just saw this article today. Thx for the shout out! There are a few other tracks from the album that you can preview on Youtube, I’d link them but it’s usually not allowed on msg boards. Just filter a Winny Puhh search with “This year” and you should easily find them. A couple have funny videos with really hot Estonian models that they slapped together quickly. But I think the best tracks are the ones that aren’t on Youtube. Not only have they remained as bizarre as ever, but they’ve really upped the production values and become way more than the punkish screamers they started out as.

  2. kcampbe9

    Wait, you know the site selling the CD you posted has languages at the top? “EST RUS ENG”…..clicking ENG makes the site English 😉

    1. weirdestband

      Oh yeah, look at that. Now if we can just find a Euro to US dollar currency converter. I can’t imagine the internets have one of those.

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