This week’s weird band comes to us from France and was suggested by reader Tropitox. (Thanks, Trop!) We don’t know much about them because pretty much everything written about them on the web is in French and we’re American scum who never bothered to learn a foreign language. But language barriers aside, you can get a pretty good idea of what they sound like from this description on their Facebook page: “Post-industriel-Synthpunk-electrowave-neo-dada calé-découpé.” According to Google translator that last part means “wedged-cut,” which is presumably either a reference to their hairstyles or how they like their pommes frites.

Infecticide’s music is sort of a cross between ’80s synth-pop and the dirty electro of French labels like Ed Banger Records. The weirdest part of their sound is the vocals, usually delivered in French but occasionally in delightfully stilted English, Spanish or German. But it’s less in their music than in their videos that they venture into bizarro territory. We’ll start with “Les animaux sauvages,” which is like a cross between a school play staged by sad-faced French grownups and a rave at a furry convention.

Now that you kinda like them, we’ll drop “Babybelle” on you, which will haunt your dreams:

As far as we can tell, they’ve only released one album so far, called Chansons Tristes (Sad Songs), which you can obtain from the Free Music Archive. While you’re waiting for your downloads, pause to read the hilariously jumbled album description, presumably translated from the French, which helpfully explains that the album’s “fifteen pieces with neo-Dadaist lyrics will leave speechless all spirit unable to go beyond the first degree and enrapture personalities in a displacing way.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We’ll leave you with one of Infecticide’s more recent videos, a clip called “Petit tricheur” (“Little Cheater”) that attempts to do for garbage bags and bowties what The Ramones did for biker jackets.


11 thoughts on “Infecticide

  1. Hi I’m from Paris and I know well the band, If you want to correct something in your paper about the description of their music style : “calé-découpé” is a play on words (on the syllables) with “coupé-décalé” which is a phrase used in zouk dance songs. Maybe you’re right with the meaning of calé découpé about their hair-cut which is a nice proposition, but I think it’s really a reference to the music style “zouk dance”.
    Very cool to see this french band in your website !!

  2. Guys we are super honored to be the weird band of the week, it’s been a dream during years! No joke! (thank you Tropitox!) Your blog is a reference for us 🙂
    To be really precise, we made 2 albums + 1 compilation, and we are now working on the third album.
    Thank you all ❤

  3. Lokks

    Actually, they’ve released 3 albums, Poil de cœur, Chansons tristes and Compalition. Just don’t ask how i got to know this. Btw, if you enjoyed it, try Cheveu.

    Nice blog.

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