2022 Long Service Awards: Julius Berger honors 647 workers for productive and brilliant performance

The Executive Director Administration of julius berger nigeria plcAlhaji Zubairu Ibrahim Bayi, fniob, has described the company’s human capital as the reliable foundation, which has continued to define the company’s strong performance in the industry and in the marketplace. Bayi made the remarks at the Company’s 2022 Long Service Awards Ceremony, which was held at Abuja FCT. bai said, ”…as worthy staff of our great company, their continuous hard work, loyalty, commitment, resilience, experience and cooperation, as well as meticulous planning and continuous investments in human capital and technology by the company have greatly helped the laudable stability we have. have achieved as a corporate entity.”

According to Bayi, the award ceremony is an annual event to recognize Julius Bergerlong-serving staff and show appreciation to workers for their contribution to the continued success and progress of the Company. “It is our annual tradition at Julius Berger Nigeria Plc to appreciate and reward deserving staff.” It said that 647 service employees were honored at the 2022 event. Bayi, on behalf of the executive management, recognized the workers as the foundation of the Company. “His loyal commitment, excellent professionalism, tenacity and positive spirit have kept the Company on a steady path of progress through the years. This long-standing awards event is recognition of their good work, as well as the Company’s reciprocal commitment to our valued workforce.”,” Bayi said.

The Executive Director also said that in the outgoing year, Julius Berger Establish structures for productivity optimization across the full spectrum of the Company’s operations in order to maintain the Company’s competitiveness and further support sustainable performance in the Company’s business for years to come.

Bayi celebrated the leadership of the company and said: “…under the strategic direction of our diverse and highly experienced Board of Directors, and the skillful operational dynamism of the Executive Directorate, regional teams and various department heads, Julius Berger has remained dynamic, successful and constantly poised for even more success. major in the near future.” Bayi further added that, “the collegial experience of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management, coupled with their collective determination to continue to take this company to the next level, has made Julius Berger the enviable and desirable destination for all investors. serious in the market, today. To stay afloat as a going concern, the Board of Directors and Executive Management, he said, developed three strategic pillars for Julius Berger’s operations, namely the company’s core construction business, its well-integrated subsidiaries; and its transformative diversification policy. Operation of the above three pillars, Bayi said, has resulted in a positive customer mix for the company, from both the public and private sectors, adding: “Good results are emerging.”

Before an applause of gratitude from the multitude of workers and guests present at the event, the Director of Administration stated that, “…it is a testament to the very focused work of the Board and Management that Julius Berger has received several recognition awards, including the most recent 2022 Pearl Award as the fastest growing dividend growth company in the Nigerian Values”. Bayi called the Pearl award “…bold and credible evidence of the company’s strong productivity and ongoing success.”

Speaking about industrial harmony within Julius Berger’s operations, the administration director said that due to the constant mutual consultation between the Young Workers Union and the Senior Staff Association, and management on all pertinent issues, the company has continued to enjoy industrial peace. on a national scale. “I dare say that, as evidence of the well-fed, closely guarded, and continuing industrial harmony between management and our abundant workers, again this year we are rewarding a total number of 647 workers for their unbroken record of productive service and brilliant performance. of the company over the years. Bayi said. The understanding and cooperation between the company’s workforce, the union and industrial workers’ association on the one hand, and the management on the other, Bayi noted, has been usefully kept peaceful and productive. This, he said, will be mutually supportive for the progressive growth of the company.

Regarding the company’s staff development policy and initiatives, Bayi informed workers that, “…Management places a high priority on the planned enhanced value of our workers…. During the year, thousands of our workers were trained and retrained; undergoing professional courses with relevant professional bodies, health, safety and environment, as well as local training for craftsmen at the strategic Julius Berger Plant and Equipment Academy, which recently graduated its first batch of apprentices.” Management, Bayi said, envisioned the Academy would be a leading institution in technical training, the funnel of the company for dynamic technicians, highly trained and with resources to cover the needs of the company and the industry in general.

The 2022 Long Service Awardees have worked without break in service for periods ranging from 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and believe it, up to 45 years of service. Its categories and numbers are as follows: 10 years (195 Awardees); 15 years (307 Awardees); 20 years (62 Awardees); 25 years (41 Awardees); 30 years (20 Awardees); 35 years (17 Awardees); 40 years (4 Awardees); and 45 years (1 Awardee)

Bayi identified a synergy between the large number of 2022 long-service awardees, the large proportionate volume of man-hours they put into their jobs during the year, and the company’s proud HSE heritage. He said“…with respect to the company’s health, safety and environmental (HSE) achievements, Julius Berger has a proud and factual record unmatched in the industry for a lost time frequency rate of 0.19, which is less than one injury with time lost for every five million man-hours worked”. These HSE operational policies, Bayi added, are now being absorbed and observed in the way Julius Berger staff behave inside and outside the workplace.

On the company’s responsibility towards its host communities, Bayi said that Julius Berger has also been proactive with its initiatives which are based on four pillars, namely Health, Education, Sports and Emergency Response Assistance. He also added that the company’s most recent food donation to flood victims in all its operating areas, its ongoing donations to hospitals and orphanages, its educational assistance and book donation initiatives to schools, are aimed at supporting community initiatives to promote social and economic inclusion.

Speaking about the future of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Alhaji Bayi drew workers’ attention to the words of Managing Director, Eng. Dr. Lars Richter, during the company’s recent Investor Relations Forum, where the MD stated with security, “Julius Berger, today, is endowed with the largest market share, limited competition of similar scale, quality and financial capacity.. We have a strong brand equity, experienced management, an experienced and diverse Board of Directors, and a well-defined diversification strategy; all projecting for a strong and positive business vision…” The CEO, Bayi noted, had emphasized that the company, “synonymous with the best quality infrastructure in Nigeria, and the company is assigned…a stable outlook with an A national scale rating.” At this time, looking directly at the attentive workers, Bayi fully aligned himself with Eng. Dr. Richter and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, on this occasion of the 2022 Long Service Awards, I tell you that the business future of Julius Berger continues to look progressively good and beneficial to both its shareholders and its workforce.”

Bayi also thanked the spouses of the long service award recipients saying: “…either as wives or husbands, let me also congratulate and thank all the wives of the awardees for their support, encouragement and perseverance over the years. Without your cooperation, these recipients would not have had the zeal to perform their enviable functions over the years for which they are now honored. Therefore, we are grateful for everything they have done to make this day possible.”

As the company thanked the awardees for their long service, Bayi urged workers to let the occasion serve as a tonic to propel them to greater heights, as the company will continually recognize and reward deserving staff. The Director of Administration also requested the understanding of the workers to understand and accept the administrative and structural changes that are being implemented throughout the company, emphasizing that the ongoing changes are designed for the further development of the company to achieve its identified objectives.

Finally, Bayi took the opportunity to thank the members of the Press present for what he described as their very kind and positive collaboration and work with the company since the beginning of the year. “As society’s leading opinion-molders, with their deeply rational understanding and objective reporting of our many projects and efforts across the country, they have continued to uphold our critically needed and hard-earned good image with the Nigerian public. We appreciate your cooperation in the peaceful progress of our business operations. On behalf of the Julius Berger Board of Directors, Management and the entire staff, I tell the media that we continue to be partners in progress. Many thanks,” Bayi said.

Alhaji Bayi congratulated the awardees and wished them, their families and their guests a Merry Christmas and a safe journey as they continued their well-deserved celebration. The Julius Berger Long Service Award for 2022 was also held in all of the company’s operating regions.

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is the country’s leading construction company providing holistic services spanning the planning, design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects in Nigeria.

Since his pioneering project in 1965, Julius Berger has played a pivotal role in the development of Nigeria’s industrial and civil infrastructure. The company specializes in the execution of complex works that require the highest level of technical expertise and knowledge specific to Nigeria. The company deploys the last precision methods and technologies to ensure that quality and innovation are prioritized for the benefit of customers. Subsidiaries and additional facilities make it possible for the company to carry out multifaceted projects at the highest level of performance. This structure enables Julius Berger Nigeria Plc to effectively manage and deliver construction projects, from initial idea through planning, design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.

The Group is guided by a value system that defines and sets it apart. Adherence to internationally specified standards and a focus on efficient, value-based service delivery further strengthens your competitive advantage. With unwavering reliability, unmatched quality, leading management and a true focus on sustainability, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc and its subsidiaries continue to set a benchmark for success.

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