2023: Kwankwaso says some contestants run away from debates because they “have nothing to say”

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the NNPP presidential candidate, has stated that he is ready to debate all candidates, adding that some avoid debates because they have nothing to say.

kwankwaso revealed this on Sunday at a meeting with the Nigerian Publishers Guild.

He added that reports of him collapsing his structure for other candidates are not true. Kwankwaso pointed out that he is in favor of a debate with all the candidates so that they come and put their cards on the table. He said.

  • “Of course, some of them run away from the debate because they have absolutely nothing to say.”

He added that the PDP was lucky to oust its members, including himself, Peter Obi and even Wike.

  • “They are kicking everyone out; they still see it as 1999, not knowing that the young people born today are now in charge of the polling places.” he warned.

Kwankwaso noted that no one at this stage will drop out of the race for any contender.

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  • “Before the closing of the name submission for the parties, the politicians said that there was a need at that time for mergers, and they submitted the names of the president and the vice president, and now we have submitted our names, to leave another party, something it is wrong
  • “We have answered this question over time, to cut to the chase, NNPP is set to win the 2023 election.”

For the record: Remove Nairametrics previously reported this month that Pedro Obithe presidential candidate for the Labor Party, said he will no longer attend the debates if candidates from the other parties do not participate.

This came after Atiku Abubakar and Ahmed Tinubu were conspicuously absent from the just-concluded Arise TV presidential town hall debate.

The news continues after this announcement.

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