2023: President Buhari declares his intention to campaign for Tinubu

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has declared his intention to campaign for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate for the upcoming general election.

This was revealed in a statement Wednesday night by the press aide to the Presidency, Malam Garba Shehu, in Abuja.

Chairman Buhari said in the statement that he is ready to campaign for Tinubu and all APC candidates with “Energy and Conviction”.

Shehu said that President Buhari assured APC of his full support in the election, he said:

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  • “President Muhammadu Buhari assures the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its candidates in next year’s elections that he is ready at all times to campaign for the presidential candidate and all party candidates with ‘full energy and conviction’. .

He added that the action is to allay concerns about the president’s interest in the elections:

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  • “This is to allay concerns expressed in some quarters that the president has not appeared in campaigns since the national launch in Jos, Plateau State, and to emphasize that while he remains committed to partisan politics, the roles and duties of the president will remain the same. sometimes.
  • “Speaking to the Nigerian community in Washington DC in the course of his recent visit to the United States, President Buhari emphasized what he has said all along that he is ready to campaign for the party’s victory in next year’s general election.

President Buhari also expressed his optimism about the Party’s chances for the upcoming elections. The president noted that the APC campaigns have so far been the most aggressive in recent history.

  • “They have been impressive and high-voltage,” compared to the opposition that seems to be catching up.
  • “He expressed strong optimism that the party will win every election fairly and squarely.

In case you missed it

Nairametry reported this month that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, attributed his source of wealth to the real estate he inherited and subsequently turned around.

This was announced by Tinubu during an interview with BBC Africa, which was monitored by Nairametrics, after his appearance at Chatham House in London.

Tinubu said he would not deny his wealth, adding that he was the most investigated and charged opposition government in 8 years.

Asked if Nigerians have a right to know the source of their next president’s wealth, Tinubu said: “Are they enemies of wealth? If they are not enemies of wealth, investments pay off.

“I have an example of Warren Buffett. One of the richest in America and the world. He started from buying stocks and brokerage.

“I inherited large real estate holdings. I flipped the values. I am not denying my wealth. I have not been… I was the most investigated, the most accused governor in the opposition until, you know, for eight years and until 2007.

“And since I left the office, I am still there, I have not taken any appointment with the government, any contract with the government.”

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