3 Recent Hints ‘Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Has Dumped Kody Brown & 1 Hint She Hasn’t

The romance of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown hit very rough waters during season 17 of sister wives. While some fans believe that the show’s final season will end with Janelle’s decision to leave her decades-old marriage, we’re not so sure about that. After all, the images that FTA currently being broadcast is quite old. However, we don’t necessarily think things got better between the odd couple. We’ve collected three recent clues that suggest Janelle really dumped Kody and one clue that she hasn’t.

Kody Brown launched a business without his second wife

In August 2022, Kody Brown made a business move that made it clear that he no longer considers himself part of a plural family. The 18-year-old father, who has long insisted that family money is a “common resource,” has launched a business. The business name seems to suggest that he only belongs to the family that he shares with Robyn Brown. Only Robyn Brown and Kody Brown own the business.

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