5 Common Mistakes in Design to Avoid With Business Websites

One element in your company’s ability to attract customers is the appearance of your website. Here are mistakes in design to avoid business websites.

There are nearly two billion websites online right this moment. What are you doing to make sure yours stands out?

You’ve got a lot of competition on the world wide web. If you want your company to succeed, you’ve got to be smart about your website’s design.

Before you start thinking about the latest website trends, you need to master the basics. Here are five common mistakes in the design you need to avoid if you want to take your business to the next level!

  1. No Direction

Mistake number one is not giving your visitors a goal or meeting their needs. What is the point of your site if you’re not converting your customers?

You need to lead them to what you need them to do or give them what they want. It could be as simple as adding a strong call to action at the bottom of your page or dividing your products into clear categories.

  1. Bad Pics

Humans are visually-oriented. Your website should provide plenty of high-quality, relevant images.

Make sure to optimize your pics so that they work for you. Use a photo editor to make them the right size, so they don’t slow down your site.

Add metadata and alt tags to your photos so that they boost your SEO, too. It’s worth hiring a pro to take great pics if you need to show off your products.

  1. Slow Load Times

Websites that take longer than three seconds to load lose up to 40% of their visitors. Your website needs a fast loading time to stop visitors from bouncing.

Find out if your photos and videos are slowing your site down. Build a mobile-friendly website so your site loads as quickly on a cell phone as a laptop.

  1. Too Many Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be useful as a lead generation tool. You can entice people to enter their email or clinch a sale with a well-timed coupon.

It’s almost expected to see a few on a website. But don’t overwhelm your visitors.

Time pop-up offers so that they land at the right moment. For example, ask customers to sign up for your newsletter once they’ve scrolled to the bottom of your latest blog post.

  1. No Way to Reach You

You’ve given your customers all of your products. You’ve published plenty of interesting blog posts.

What if they have a question or want to reach you? Have you included your contact info in your web design?

Being accessible to your customers is just as crucial as providing products and services through your site. Make sure you include your email and social media links or even a chatbot at the bottom of your page.

Avoid These Mistakes in Design

Making these mistakes in design on your site can cost your business money. Make it easy for you and your customers by mastering these five simple elements of web design.

This is just one more great tool in your toolbox to excel online. Check out our other digital marketing tips, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

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