5 Key Features in Finding the Best Pillows Online

Having good sleep requires getting a comfortable pillow. But, it can be arduous to find the best pillows online. You can find various options, from memory foam to down and feather pillows, through online retailers and experience the convenience of purchasing from anywhere with a device and web connectivity.

When searching for a new pillow through internet stores, there are several issues to consider, including the following: 

Pillow Size

The pillow size is a critical issue for many reasons. For example, the pillow size should match up with the bed size. This provides enough support regardless of which sleeping position you are in. 

For example, if you have a twin, queen, or king mattress, it is important to pick a pair of pillows that have the same size. This will match up perfectly with the bed width, so two pillows fit perfectly. There will be no gaps between the pillows’ outside edges and mattress perimeter. 

You should also make sure to consider the mattress width measurements versus size. You can use a tape measure to find the precise mattress measurements. 

Pillow Firmness

When buying pillows through online retailers, you should consider this matter. You have four firmness options to pick from:

  • Soft
  • Medium Soft
  • Firm
  • Very Firm

If you are searching for a very soft pillow, a feather filling is a good option. It is ideal for various sleeping styles, including combo sleepers. Meanwhile, memory foam offers the firmest pillows and is ideal for neck and shoulder support. 

Pillow Filling

This is an important issue that is related to various factors like head and neck support, durability, and bedding comfort. You can pick from many kinds of pillow fillings including:

  • Down
  • Feather 
  • Foam
  • Memory Foam
  • Polyester

These options all offer different types and levels of support and comfort. Each one has benefits and drawbacks. Consider them so you can pick the best pillow that meets your personal requirements and preferences.

Memory foam is one of the oldest and best choices. NASA originally developed memory foam to improve aircraft seating’s comfort. Today several companies use this kind of firm foam for a wide range of items including memory foam pillows. 

Down pillows are another popular option since they provide soft and luxurious support. The pillows are produced from the soft down feathers of geese or ducks. Some people want more “sinkage” so their heads and necks easily drop into the pillow instead of just lying atop it.  

A down-like option that is vegan and hypoallergenic is a “down-alternative” pillow. The filling includes synthetic materials, but it looks and feels like down. 

These faux-down pillows are also more affordable versus real down. People who run on a tight budget should consider down-alternatives to save some money.

Sleeping Position 

A 2019 study showed that 55% of Australians are side-sleepers. Other common sleeping positions include back sleepers or stomach sleepers. There are also “combo sleepers” that sleep in multiple positions during the night. Scientific studies show that many combo sleepers are unaware of their sleeping style.

When selecting a new pillow, it is important to consider the best pillow for your needs. For example, people need different kinds of support if they are back sleepers or side sleepers. It is imperative to consider the chances of a person having neck or back conditions, which generally require more support.  

Company Policies

Online stores like physical stores have policies for payments, shipping, and returns. It is vital to consider these issues since they can affect different factors such as how to pay for items, how long shipping will take, and if returns are permitted. 

There are various matters to consider, including: 

  • Payment Options (e.g. credit/debit cards) 
  • Shipping Options (flat rate, free shipping, etc.) 
  • Returns Policy (e.g. within 30 days) 

When shopping for a new pillow, online retailers provide consumers with a convenient and effective way to find the best pillows online regardless of what kind of sleeper they are. Some of the most important issues to contemplate include a pillow’s firmness, filling, and size. Ultimately, choosing wisely can help you sleep soundly. 


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