5 Reasons Why Apple Music Is Better Than Spotify Code List

Apple Music and Spotify are two of the main strongholds of the streaming music industry when it comes to listening to music on any device, including all Apple devices. However, despite the benefits of the Swedish brand, Apple Music has some advantages that make it the ideal application to listen to music.

Apple Music is better than Spotify

Apple has a few tools that make its music streaming app better than Spotify. It is true that both companies have their services optimized to offer the best user experience. However, we are going to mention some advantages of the native Apple application below:

  • Quality: The Apple Music Catalog It is much bigger and more extensive than that of Spotify, since it has more than 90 million songs and more than 30,000 Playlists. Also, Apple has arrived. exclusive agreements with companies in the music sector so that the content of songs or artists can be found exclusively on the Cupertino platform.

  • Catalogue: Likewise, these record companies and artists carry out a separate version of all albums for apple Music, generating better sound algorithms, lossless audio and the recent addition of spatial audio 360º. Within the artists we can find other advantages such as the possibility of watching a video clip or live recordings to be able to enjoy your favorite band in a different way.
  • Greater variety of prices: Is it true that Apple does not have a free option as if it has Spotify, but if you have a three-month free trial and many promotions when purchasing an Apple device on platforms such as El Corte Inglés or Media Mark, where you can get up to 6 months free with the purchase of the product. Apple Music has a great variety of subscription prices and even some of them are cheaper than Spotify. We have a clear example in the option of apple Voice, a new subscription service that allows you to listen to music thanks to Siri and that works very well with your HomePods. A second example is the subscription plans of apple one, For a little more, you get Apple Music along with additional services like iCloud, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade.

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  • Ecosystem: The biggest difference between Apple Music and Spotify is not in what each offers, but in the integration that the app has with the rest of the apple ecosystem. The Apple Music app enhances the symbiosis that occurs between all Apple devices, making it relatively easy to switch from one device to another and start listening to music with your AirPods or HomePods.
  • Cache: the enormous amount of cache that is downloaded to our devices when we listen to songs. It is true that many applications work like this internally, but it can limit the memory of our devices, an aspect that Apple Music is not running.

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In short, each user can use the application they like best and with which they feel most comfortable within their ecosystem. However, what can be clear to you is that choose Spotify or Apple Music, the user experience is more than satisfactory enjoying your favorite albums and artists in an incredible way and with audio quality.

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