6 Reasons Why You Should Install Security Cameras at Your Business Vicinity

If you are here, then the thought of implementing video surveillance for your business must have already crossed your mind.  Understandably, the first thing a business vicinity should be is safe – for its employees, goods and services. And this is where having some degree of video surveillance comes into the picture.

Of course, when you talk about video surveillance, the first thing that comes to mind is security. But the need for security camera installation is not limited to safety alone. It can be a silent but integral part of the success that any business establishment enjoys. Here are six reasons your business establishment needs surveillance:

  • Helps Improve Public Perception

In addition to increasing overall safety, security cameras can improve how people perceive a business establishment. Both internal and external publics may see security camera installation as a necessary step and portrayal of concern by the company, especially for more extensive business premises.  

  • Prevention of Theft 

Admittedly, it is not possible to always keep an eye out for thieves. Petty theft is a problem that many companies have to contend with. It is even more accurate for retail shops and supermarkets where shoplifting is an ever-present menace. Apart from the external wrongdoers, unfortunately, in some cases, companies also have to deal with internal theft as well.

One of the best and most affordable technologies that can prevent such instances of theft is round-the-clock video surveillance.   

  • Protection From Burglary and Trespassing 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report, 448,800 households experienced malicious property damage between 2020 and 2021. Burglary, theft and vandalism are some of the significant problems that business establishments, and property owners in general, face every year. While security cameras cannot by themselves prevent unlawful entry, they act as strong deterrents for wrongdoers. 

Factories with vast areas often face unlawful trespassing, which can prove quite challenging to stop. But, placing security cameras can solve this issue up to a large extent.

  • Evidence 

Businesses can have a range of disputes internally, between their employees and involving customers. When any such situations arise, surveillance cameras can provide critical evidence after a crime. It can prove to be even more valuable when the crime took place has the potential to drag the company into costly litigations and lawsuits. 

A widely prevalent issue in the workplace is sexual harassment. Security camera installation can significantly deter and prevent any form of sexual harassment, especially in places where people might find themselves vulnerable, like elevators, staircases, etc. 

  • Increased Employee Productivity 

Though this might not be the best way to increase employee productivity, especially in white-collar jobs, security cameras can help improve productivity levels. It is applicable mainly in restaurants, retail businesses and factories where it might not be feasible to keep an eye on everybody throughout the day. 

When supervisors and managers remain confident that employees are aware that they are being watched, they can also focus on performing their jobs rather than spending their time inspecting everyone. 

  • Cost Saving

It might not be a very apparent reason at first. But when you consider the cost of employing security personnel for the same purpose, things start to make sense. On top of that, you should consider the fact that in any business, a large chunk of profits is lost every year to fraud, mistakes, shoplifting and employee theft. 

In the long run, security cameras pay for themselves with minimal maintenance cost.

So, if you are considering establishing a physical business, the cost of not installing security cameras may prove high.


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