7 Of Best B2B Clothing Wholesale Suppliers We Have Found

Running a fashion business in modern days requires cutting-edge strategies with online integrations; even if you are a boutique owner! Shifting to an online way of business while running offline is an efficient way to grow. Knowing what to do is one thing, but doing it takes more than that!

Now, you may ask why you would want to do business online when you only have an offline medium of operating a boutique. Well, to answer that, today’s b2b clothing supplier’s services are enough for you to know. B2B clothing wholesale suppliers these days offer drop-shipping services along with bulk orders.

So, without having to worry about operations, you just need to focus on marketing and running your boutique as usual. There are several reliable B2B clothing suppliers that you can explore and connect with for scaling your boutique online.

Without further ado, let’s know about 7 best b2b clothing wholesale suppliers:



Catering fully to the needs of the USA fashion market, Shewin is an exceptional B2B supplier with their factories. Any boutique centred towards women’s apparel can look forward to partnering with Shewin. Located in Quanzhou, China, the origin of the Silk Road, Shewin has an exquisite range of women’s apparel.

From wholesale tank tops to, dresses, sets, bottoms, and size to footwear, bags and occasional attire, Shewin offers a lot more. With their 100 reputable collaborators, boutiques can expect premium quality clothing with a trendy style.

Though MOQ is $39 if you are conducting business through drop-shipping the charges are zero. Shewin’s drop-shipping program offers a lucrative deal of perks for growing online without having to daunt yourself with logistics.

·         eWorldTrade


eWorldTrade is a B2B marketplace supplying more than just apparel! The platform has a plethora of products, with apparel being a prominent category. Assisting the retailer to establish a reliable relationship with suppliers, eWorldTrade provides a broad range of operations services.

Through their global network, you can connect with a variety of apparel suppliers and even expand your boutique online. Downright from fabric suppliers, you can connect with apparel suppliers offering high-quality clothing at affordable prices at eWorldTrade.

·         CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing

With a website featuring a simple interface, CC Wholesale is a Los Angeles-based brand with a massive B2B marketplace. Offering 15 years of experience in fashion retail, CC Wholesale Clothing is an ideal destination for boutiques aspiring to have a quality apparel collection.

Whether you want to bulk order or want to drop-ship, B2B clothing wholesale suppliers such as CC Wholesale Clothing are apt for both!

·         BrandsGateway


Aspiring to sell some of the top fashion products in your online boutique!? Then BrandsGateway is a B2B clothing wholesale supplier for you. With over 100 prominent luxury brand products available for you to sell at your store, BrandsGateway is a leading high-end supplier.

·         SeeBiz


SeeBiz is a wholesale marketplace with an ecosystem apt for boutiques to thrive online and earn hefty profits. Striving to assist boutiques or retailers to operate online, SeeBiz offers a marketplace as well as cutting-edge tech. Through SeeBiz b2b clothing wholesale suppliers, you can have a diverse inventory and manage it seamlessly.

·         Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square (WFS) is a prominent US wholesaler with a range of exquisite women’s apparel. Prioritizing quality with timely shipping, WFS offers boutiques with bundles of six items. With them, your boutique can have affordable and fashionable!

·         Yabelo


B2B clothing supplier Yabelo has designer sourced directly from manufacturers and retailers in Europe. Yabelo works closely with its clients and offers top-notch services for them to grow. With cleaners sales and clothes available for men, women, and kids, Yabelo is a remarkable b2b clothing wholesale supplier.


B2B clothing suppliers with services challenging the competitors can offer your online boutique an excessive advantage. From reasonable pricing, and range of apparel to quality and free drop-shipping programs, a b2b clothing wholesale supplier offering such qualities should be your pick. Shewin for instance is one such women’s apparel supplier with phenomenal services.


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