A giant aquarium that housed 1,500 fish exploded in Berlin and there are injuries Code List

This is how the huge aquarium that exploded in Berlin was left 1:30

(CNN) A 14-meter-tall aquarium housing around 1,500 exotic fish exploded Friday morning, injuring at least two people and filling a nearby street with water and debris, Berlin police and firefighters said.

The AquaDom aquarium was located in the lobby of a Radisson Collection hotel, in the DomAquarée shopping and entertainment complex.

“In addition to the incredible maritime damage (…) two people were injured by glass splinters,” Berlin police said on Twitter.

The city’s fire service reported that one hundred firefighters had been deployed to the scene. “The aquarium is damaged, the water is leaking,” the tweet read, adding that “the situation was not entirely clear at this time.”

Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey said on Twitter that around a million liters of water had leaked from the AquaDom.

Fire department spokesman Adrian Wentzel told CNN affiliate NTV that the incident occurred around 5:50 a.m. local time. Wentzel said glass and other debris had been removed from the nearby street. The emergency services were forced to close a major street next to the building due to the large amount of water that overflowed. Wentzel added that they are still investigating the cause of the incident.

Emergency services go to the place where the AquaDom exploded, in Berlin.

Images shared by hotel guests on social media Friday show extensive damage to the giant structure, with glass and debris strewn across the floor.

“Just chaos. The entire aquarium was blown up and what’s left is utter devastation. Lots of dead fish, debris. It’s quite a drama,” a hotel guest told Reuters.

Radisson Hotels said on its website that guests would be relocated and the hotel would be closed until further notice.

Authorities have yet to comment on what happened to the fish.

According to the DomAquarée complex’s website, the AquaDom was the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium and contained a transparent-walled elevator for visitors. The complex also houses apartments, museums, shops, cafes and restaurants. The aquarium was last modernized in 2020, the operator said.

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