A Stress-Free Plan for a Stress-Free Schoolies Week

Thousands of high school graduates in Australia await to experience schoolies, the rite of passage to mark their end of final exams, of their school life. Since the 70s when schoolies started on the Gold Coast, it has become a tradition for new school graduates to travel around Australia or internationally and celebrate as they move on to the next phase. These parties usually last a week near the end of November or early December and are popularly called schoolies week. Organizing them this year has been challenging due to the unexpected emergence of a pandemic. However, with borders open, there is a new ray of hope.

For a teen who has just graduated, it might be confusing to plan all the logistics. Here are some pointers to help you enjoy the break that you rightfully deserve.

Decide Where to Go

         Schoolies week is popularly held locally in Gold Coast beach, Byron Bay, Lorne, Mooloolaba, Dunsborough, etc. They are traditionally celebrated in beaches and pools as it is customary for the leavers to run along the coast and dunk in the water declaring their freedom. These destinations are closer, realistic, and more affordable to enjoy for a week with their friends.

One can join schoolies held in various parts of Europe, Japan, the Fiji Islands, Bali, and other locations for those looking for exotic experiences. These places offer cultural diversity, allowing the students who would be stepping out into the world to experience food, music, and conversations with people from all walks of life. Along with parties and DJs, some of these places also offer adventure sports and other fun recreational activities to keep the motor running. The details like the dates and the guidelines to ensure safety depend on each state and hence it is essential to keep tabs on these updates and plan accordingly.

Know What Goes into Planning

         The foremost thing to consider is the company with whom one would be going. May it be two or ten, to ensure that everyone gets to visit and stay at the same place, one should know who all would be joining in. After picking the destination, one should do their homework on the available accommodation and the transport to get around. It helps to book these in advance through a trusted provider or a company that would assure credibility, comfort, and safety. Whether flying out to another state or another country, booking flight tickets in advance helps the prices jack up when the dates get nearer. One must take extra caution to know the travel laws, medical check-ups, and the safety regulations imposed by various countries for travelers. If there are any particular parties, places, or festivals that someone has an eye on, make sure to get the passes in advance.

Be Sure to Pack and Prepare Well

Now comes the preparation. It’s important to pack the essentials, first aid kits, masks, sanitizers, travel documents, and other required accessories to ensure a comfortable trip. One should discuss the trip with parents and get pointers from them about traveling and safety because, let’s face it, they have done this before and have a lot more experience doing it. Finally, when venturing into new territory as an adult, friends must watch each other’s backs and help them in need. So, be sure to travel together.  

This may seem overwhelming, but schoolies can be the most liberating experiences if planned early and done right. There are many trusted schoolies week organizers online, who would take care of most of the planning process, allowing students to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent.

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