Abuja hospital denies taking kidney from 17-year-old boy

A popular Abuja health center, the Alliance Hospital, has denied taking a kidney from a 17-year-old boy whose older brother accused the hospital of alleged organ harvesting.

An official at the health center who gave her name as Nafisat spoke to our correspondent by phone on Friday, saying: “The accusation is false.”

“The statement is not true. We don’t know where it emanates from,” she added.

The hospital was reacting to our correspondent’s inquiry about the allegation by an as-yet-unidentified man in a viral video that the hospital allegedly removed his younger brother’s organ.

The young man who was seen in the viral video, ranting in pidgin English outside the hospital building, claimed that his younger brother is a minor who cannot consent to organ donation.

According to him, “This hospital has no right to take a 17-year-old kidney and sell it.

“I am dealing with this issue and will immediately report it to human rights officials.

“He told them that he has no family before they (the hospital) did that operation on him?

“Our parents might have died a few years ago, but selling my little brother’s kidney is no way out of poverty.”

The man asked where (country) it is done as the hospital had supposedly done.

Showing his brother’s scar that looked fresh and bandaged, the man asked if his brother had reached 17 with his gaze.

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