Affordable clothing for chubby people

The perfect outfit for curvy women is comfortable and at the same time shows you from your best side. That’s why we’re presenting you with 5 fashionable outfit ideas and useful tips for advantageous styling for chubby people, with which you can emphasize your good side.

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Clothing that slims you down – in every size. Get inspired and find out which looks suit your figure. From now on we no longer know “problem areas”! But these styling rules are not set in stone. At the end of the day, only one thing counts: you feel comfortable in your skin!

Outfit idea 1: More sleeves to conceal strong upper arms

A casually cut blouse combined with loose blue trousers: Thanks to the wider sleeves, this outfit is ideal for concealing larger upper arms.


Outfit idea 2: Flowing tops hide a small tummy

Our favorite styling tip for curvy women: loose-fitting tops. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they create a great flowing silhouette by letting your top fall loosely over your pants.

In order to conceal smaller problem areas in the middle of the body, we also recommend cuts that are flared in a slight A-line. This means they don’t lie close to your stomach and potential pads don’t have a chance to show through. The tunic does this very cleverly with the eye-catching lace applications and the loosely falling cut! In combination with comfortable stretch-waist trousers with a high, wide waistband, you can create your absolute feel-good outfit!

small tummy

Outfit idea 3: Dark jeans hide wide hips

The ocher cardigan is the eye-catcher in this outfit. Combined with a simple T-shirt and dark blue stretch jeans, it gives the outfit a flowing character and hugs your hips.

We all know it: Black makes you slim – but other dark colors also have a concealing effect. That’s why perfectly fitting dark jeans should not be missing from your wardrobe. So that you can move easily and feel comfortable in them, it is best to choose trousers with a high stretch content.

Wide tops made of flowing fabrics also conceal a tummy. You can create an A-line, especially with tunics, wide blouses and long-form jackets.

Dark jeans

Outfit Idea 4: Speaking of feminine curves – envelop your bust

A loose-fitting top made of stretch fabric with a flattering V-neck, paired with fashionable cropped trousers: the perfect outfit to flatter a large bust. The neckline creates a flowing silhouette and envelops your bust.

In order to perfectly shape your bust, a well-fitting bra is an important prerequisite. The bra provides the necessary support and shapes your large bust. In order to skillfully showcase them, certain fabric and neckline shapes also help.

Here are our three tips:

  1. Stretch fabrics are made for you. They hug you without being restrictive.
  2. Tops with low necklines such as V-necks, sweetheart or square necklines are great, but they should not be too low. They visually lengthen your neck and make you appear slimmer. But always be careful not to show too much. If in doubt, just wear a nice lace-trimmed shirt underneath.
  3. Invest in high-quality underwear. When it comes to bras, you can’t be picky enough because you need extra support and support. Do you already know bras with a minimizer effect? They give the breasts a nice shape and make the bust appear a little narrower.


Outfit idea 5: Tips and tricks to appear taller

A beautiful, colorfully printed maxi skirt with a denim jacket and a white shirt puts you in a really good mood! But smaller women often avoid long skirts and dresses for fear that they will emphasize their small body size. Wrongly! Chubby women can just as easily use long skirts and dresses in their style.

Just keep a few tips in mind:

  • The easiest trick is to roll up the trouser legs a few times. Or you can go straight for 7/8 pants.
  • Also, tuck your tops into the waistband of your pants and skirts – this will visually stretch your legs
  • Knee-length skirts and shoes with a little heel will also make you look a few centimeters taller.


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