After controversy in networks, ETECSA clarifies about the sale of telephone lines in Cuba in dollars Código Lista

The Cubans denounced this week on social networks that the only telephone company on the island known as ETECSA, began to sell telephone lines in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC).

The Twitter User, Marcos PV, questioned in said social network that “who would think that as of today the new lines for people who already have one must be paid in MLC? Until when the disrespect? This new line was not for any business, it was a gift for my son”.

ETECSA allows Cubans to purchase up to three telephone lines paid for in Cuban pesos, the island’s currency. But as of this week, and apparently due to the great demand, they will only be able to buy one in Cuban pesos and the other two, if they wanted, in foreign currency.

“If you don’t have one, you can buy it in national currency. If you already have one and want to buy another, you can do so but paying in MLC. New tongue twister unlocked”, added said user.

According to this person, they never announced that measure at the national level. “After wasting two hours in line and going up to see the commercial when it was my turn. Very calmly, she told us, if they already have one, they must pay for the other in MLC, ”she insisted.


Other users on Twitter shared screenshots where the telephone company supposedly warned them that “at this time” it was only possible to contract one prepaid mobile subscription per person because there were limitations with USIM cards. They claimed the measure was temporary.

Finally, our letter directly contacted the ETECSA company and it assured us that the sale of telephone lines in foreign currency was real.

“At the moment there are difficulties to acquire the Usim cards necessary to contract a subscription. As a consequence and is temporarily limited the number of mobile subscriptions to contract in CUP currency to 1 per new client”, they responded to cuban directory.

“In case you already have a mobile line and want to purchase another (you can only have up to 3 lines in your name) you can purchase it at MLC at our commercial offices or in USD through the USD account of the Mitransfer exchange house or the abroad,” they concluded.

They have also published on their social networks on the subject clarifying the situation:

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