Alex Jones goes to war with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes over Hitler’s ‘homoerotic’ fascination –

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Far-right conspiracy theorist alex jones has gone to war against white nationalists Nick Fuentes Y Kanye West.

The overflow of tensions follows Jones welcoming the duo into his show last weekwhere the now infamous rapper proclaimed his “love” for Hitler.

However, on Tuesday morning, Jones tried to distance himself from West and Fuentes while being interviewed by right-wing YouTuber Steve Crowder. One of Jones’ central claims was his contention that Fuentes and West have a “homoerotic” fascination with the Nazi Party leader and genocidal dictator. adolf hitler.

“There is this Hitler fetish. And no, I don’t like the guys in fancy peacock military uniforms who, by the way, killed 22 million Germans,” Jones said, apparently taking issue with Fuentes and West’s admiration for Hitler.

“Hitler was horrible, fuck Hitler, burn Hitler in hell,” he continued.

On Telegram, Fuentes responded by calling Jones “controlled opposition,” but did not respond to questions from The Daily Beast about the matter.

“MTG and Alex Jones threw me under the bus to appease Jewish groups,” he wrote. “I don’t take it personally, but people need to be aware that they are the definition of controlled opposition.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Jones I call Sources: His old ‘Stop the Steal’ rally talks co-worker—“baby Hitler” and a “nazi lover.”

While the Sandy Hook denier tried to downplay his relationship with Fuentes on Tuesday, the files tell a different story. One of Fuentes’s first appearances on InfoWars was beside Jones in October 2019. Since then, the InfoWars kingpin has personally interviewed Fuentes dozens of times, while Jones has also spoken alongside the white nationalist at conferences and rallies.

This isn’t the first time Jones has turned on an old friend, either. Last year he turned on Donald Trump and threatened to “discuss all the dirt” on the former president for his support for COVID-19 vaccines.

“It is not to hurt Trump; it’s to let people know how pathetic it is when you think he’s playing 4D chess, that he’s going to save you, and he’s not!” Jones testified at the time.

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