All you need to know about laser surgery treatment for piles

A large number of older adults in India are affected by the conditions of piles. The high prevalence of this illness is not just limited to India but spread across the world. These high figures led to advances in treatment methods and hence, introduced what is known as laser treatment. But what is this treatment and why should someone receive it? In this article, Dr Mayank Madan, the best doctor for piles treatment in Gurgaon, explains everything you need to know about laser surgery treatment for piles.

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What is meant by piles?

Piles is a serious health condition that affects the anorectal area. In this condition, veins and tissues inside or around the anus get swollen and lead to enormous pain, discomfort and bleeding.

Piles or haemorrhoids can be treated with the use of laser surgery.

What is the laser surgery treatment for piles?

Laser surgery treatment for piles is a modern treatment method. It is different from conventional surgery and makes use of laser energy to offer a permanent cure to piles.

A patient whose condition has deteriorated to grade 2. Piles are generally categorised into 3 different grades depending upon its progression. Laser therapy can be offered in both grade 2 and 3.

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What are the benefits of laser surgery for piles?

Laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular for its vast number of benefits. It is also preferred by physicians because of the numerous conveniences it offers. The top benefits of laser treatment are:

  • No cuts or incision made during the procedure
  • A short period of operation; laser surgery can be performed as a daycare procedure and there is no need for hospitalisation
  • Much safer treatment compared to conventional surgery
  • Quicker healing; the patient can return to normal day events in a couple of hours
  • Less pain as it is a mildly invasive procedure and does not require any stitches or incisions
  • No scarring
  • Minimal loss of blood during surgery
  • Reduced risk of complications after surgery such as rectal stenosis and prolapse
  • Lesser chances of infection
  • High success rates due to the precision of the laser beam
  • No damage to surrounding tissues

What are the dos and don’ts after a laser surgery treatment for piles?

In order to benefit from the surgery and avoid unwanted risks and complications, you should follow the below-given guidelines after laser surgery for piles:

  • Eat soft-cooked and easy to digest foods after the surgery
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation
  • Try to eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Prefer high-fibre food items post-recovery
  • Use an ice pack if you feel slight discomfort or irritation
  • Maintain hygiene of the rectum area to avoid infections
  • Sit on soft cushions
  • Avoid any food item that may cause diarrhoea or constipation
  • Fast foods, bakery and dairy products should be avoided or limited
  • Do not use any lotions or creams on the surgical site without your doctor’s approval
  • Do not scratch or itch the surgical area
  • Do not roughly use towels or toilet papers
  • Avoid applying any pressure while passing stool
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights or doing any extraneous physical activities
  • Do not sit on the toilet for a prolonged time

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